2018 Ford Super Chief Rumors about production concept

There are a lot of rumors about 2018 Ford Super Chief production concept. We could see a model that is planned for it, but fans are in doubt that is not finished yet. Nevertheless, they have to be patient for a while, since the truck is coming for next season. This platform is efficient and nature-friendly. However, it is still powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding users.

As mostly all pickup trucks from the same company, it will find many solutions in F-150. This legendary model is going to borrow some details to Super Chief. But, its names itself can confirm that something special is coming.

2018 Ford Super Chief front

2018 Ford Super Chief Engine and Specs

Although engineers are paying a lot of attention to emissions, 2018 Ford Super Chief will be an extremely powerful truck. This vehicle is getting energy from a 6.8-l SOHC drivetrain. This 30-valves V-10 drivetrain is capable to deliver 550 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. Also, it is very thirsty, and fans are not going to like its mileage. We doubt 2018 Super Chief can achieve over 20 mpg, even on highways.

But, it will be capable to tow massive loads. Exact numbers are unknown, but the truck will stun with its acceleration and max speed. The heavy-utility pickup is using a 4-wheel drive. The transmitter of the power is a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

New Super Chief runs on hydrogen fuel

The efficiency of the 2018 Ford Super Chief is getting a boost from many sources. One of them is various fuels. New engines can run on petrol, ethanol E85, and hydrogen. All three could come for Super Chief, and switch between them is smooth.

2018 Ford Super Chief engine

2018 Ford Super Chief Interior and Features

The highlight of the interior design is the spacious cabin. It is also very comfortable, thanks to many features and equipment. The dashboard is big and transparent thanks to the sophisticated layout. Part of it is huge displays and HVAC system. With it, you can control temperature. The main display is an 8-inch touchscreen. Navigation is optional, while you can attach your phone via a Bluetooth signal.

2018 Ford Super Chief Styling and Exterior

We can say that the design of the 2018 Ford Super Chief is futuristic. That describes the intention of US carmaker with this truck. Being stylish and functional at the same time is not an easy task to complete. Ground clearance is about 8 inches. Also, the 3-bar grille is making a statement of bold design. Chrome bumpers fit into front fascia perfectly. It is similar with the rare end, but there we also have chrome exhaust tips. Led lighting and fog lights improve visibility, as well as appearance.

2018 Ford Super Chief interior

2018 Ford Super Chief Release date

Experts still don’t know exactly when 2018 Ford Super Chief is coming out. Rumors about production vehicle are more frequent nowadays, so we assume release date is coming in next 12 months.

How much 2018 Ford Super Chief will cost?

While it is not easy to say when the truck will appear, enthusiasts and car lovers are bidding with the price. Some sources say that 2018 Ford Super Chief is not going to be cheaper than $65,000. Fans would like to see it around $60,000.

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