2018 Mitsubishi Triton Hybrid and Diesel Drivetrains

With a current model being redesigned in 2014, new Mitsubishi Triton will have to introduce significant changes. Updates will include a revisiting of the engine room. Also, designers must take care of the exterior. The truck is getting old, and to be competitive, 2018 Mitsubishi Triton must be eye-catching. With the stylish appearance, it will lure fans and potential buyers. Then, it is about details and personal preferences.

Good thing is that Triton is a very popular truck. Buyers in different markets could know it under different names. If you see the same truck called L200, don’t try to search for differences.

Recent updates on the truck are leaning to a new generation or some huge update. New suspension is ready, and it will help this pickup perform better off the road. Also, new colors are coming, as well as many interior accents that will make 2018 Triton more appealing.

2018 Mitsubishi Triton

2018 Mitsubishi Triton Drivetrain Specs

Potential buyers of the 2018 Mitsubishi Triton will be more than delighted with a lineup of drivetrains. The truck will have four choices. The main unit will be a naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder 2.4-l displacement. Another option is a diesel variant of the same unit. Additionally, it will offer a turbocharger. The third conventional drivetrain is also diesel, but 2.5-l. The output is between 180 and 200 hp, while torque level goes up to 320 lb-ft. All engines are using a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Triton Hybrid

The last, but not the least option for a drivetrain is a plug-in hybrid. The 2018 Triton might get this version after standard models are out. Here, engineers would use the same 2.4-l petrol unit as the base which is pairing with electric motors. Nevertheless, this is still only a rumor. But, we are not going to be surprised if Mitsubishi starts a revolutionary turn with some light version of a hybrid truck.

2018 Mitsubishi Triton rear

2018 Mitsubishi Triton Redesign

The 2018 Mitsubishi Triton will keep its boxy look. However, the redesign will include many changes to the base offer and extra features. In Japanese company will try to add few more trims. There, buyers will have a chance to find a pickup with bigger wheels and bed cover. Depending on trim, more features will be part of the infotainment system. Some sources say they are working on auto updates system. With it, drivers will have one less worry about the maintenance.

Could Triton get a Barbarian Edition?

Its sibling L200 is very popular at this trim level. The 2018 Mitsubishi Triton could get the same version to shake up the market. Fans would definitely like to see it. However, this is the expensive version of the pickup, so interest in buying definitely won’t be at the same level.

2018 Mitsubishi Triton interior

2018 Mitsubishi Triton Price

The 2018 Mitsubishi Triton will be available for purchase in 4×2 and 4×4 variants. This is only the one pick for buyers. They can also choose between engines and trim levels. Entry-level models will cost around $24,000. Price of the Barbarian edition will be over $30,000. Exceed double cab version is the most expensive model in the lineup.

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