2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Release Date

Tacoma is one of the most popular compact pickups in the market. Every edition of this truck causes a lot of attention. Not only that buyers and fans are interested in news and features, but also competitors and the entire car industry. To be more competitive, the company decided to launch 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. It might not be wise to play with this kind of fuel after VW affair. However, Toyota chiefs always bring risky decisions.

The major question for engineers is what to install under the hood of Tacoma. Good thing is that TRD will give a boost to a diesel engine. Another great news is the launch of the truck in USA and Canada. Finally, rumors we are analyzing are talking about the price, release date, and mpg rating of the 2018 Tacoma Diesel.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Drivetrain

Fans are probably wondering what to expect from a drivetrain of 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. We assume the main solution will be a 2.7-l 4-cylinder engine. This one is going to be good for 180 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. Another option is a 3.5-l V-6 unit with higher outputs. But, we still don’t have any info about it. Finally, Tacoma Diesel could borrow an engine from Hilux. Its 2.8-l turbocharged engine will be good for around 200 hp.

Emissions and Fuel Economy

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel will use a 6-speed automatic transmission with power delivery to rear wheels. All-wheel drive is optional, and it takes 1 mile from mpg rating. Experts believe diesel version will have similar mileage as its petrol sibling. With the manual gearbox, 2018 Tacoma Diesel could have better mileage.

One of the concerns will be emissions. Engineers in Toyota must work to improve this to meet requirements in the USA.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel engine

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Release Details

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is definitely coming to USA and Canada. Although it is not easy to reach hearts of buyers with diesel trucks there, the Japanese company will try to do it. Furthermore, it will probably appear in its homeland and Europe.

Exact release date is not precise yet. The diesel version of 2018 Toyota Tacoma will arrive few months after the base model. Experts believe it will be a 2018 year edition, although shortly after Tacoma Diesel premiere we can see an edition for next year.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel headlights

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Price

The only difference between standard and diesel version of the truck will be in the engine room. Styling is the same. However, we still don’t know which trim level is going to offer this variant. The 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel could suit excellent with SR5 trim. That would make this pickup cost around $28,000.

Also, we already mentioned that TRD package is likely for diesel edition. With it, Tacoma Diesel model goes over $30,000 and settles around $35,000. Limited edition and TRD pro packages are not going to offer a diesel engine as a part of their lineup.

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