2018 VW Amarok gets V6 diesel engine

The 2018 VW Amarok is coming with drastic changes for the new season. Not only that the German truck is visually different, but there is news under the hood. The most exciting is a diesel engine. With it, pickup is going to be more versatile in many ways.

First of all, it opens gates of the major market. Possible US release is not confirmed yet, but it is obvious that truck is ready for the biggest stage. The new engine will make 2018 Amarok capable to go smoother off the road and in tough weather conditions.

2018 VW Amarok truck

2018 VW Amarok specs

Previous editions of the truck are getting power from two types of drivetrains, both of 2.0-l displacement. The 2018 VW Amarok gets a V6 diesel engine. It is going to be a 3.0-l TDI V-6. Comparing to its predecessors, this version can make more power and torque. All energy is sent to front wheels by default. Of course, AWD is going to come as optional drive mode.


The update is a part of the larger image that will lead to more changes and updates. However, 400 lb-ft of torque is going to be enough for a smooth off-road drive. Additionally, its power output of 220 hp is also an improvement. New Volkswagen Amarok can sprint to 60 mph in just 8 seconds, which is a great achievement. Also, its max speed is set at 120 mph.

2018 VW Amarok duramax

2018 VW Amarok Changes

The new diesel engine is stealing the whole show to all other elements. However, the 2018 VW Amarok will present many upgrades comparing to previous editions. The bed can now take more load, and maximum towing is 3500 kg, which is 500 kg more than before. We can also see some additions on the safety, with new hooks and hitches around the bed. With them, cargo is safer on bumpy roads.


While the exterior remains pretty much the same, the interior is suffering a lot of changes. Outside, there are only some cosmetic changes. On the other hand, the cabin of the 2018 Volkswagen Amarok truck presents round air vents and new steering wheel. Infotainment system offers a small screen for monitoring and control. Although control panel’s shape is the same, new details are making it fresh.

Overall comfort is boosted, especially through different trim levels. Trendline and Highline are already standard, while 2018 season edition will bring an Ultimate model.

2018 VW Amarok rear

2018 VW Amarok pricing

Not only that features list depends on the chosen trim level, but also the price. With so many options, the price of the 2018 VW Amarok varies. Base Trendline model will start from 32,000 euro, and Highline with standard features costs 36,000 euro. We assume Ultimate version is going over 40,000 euro with some unique features. Extra packages come separately, at buyers’ choice.


The main competitor of the 2018 VW Amarok is Toyota Hilux. The Japanese carmaker is preparing a lot of changes for the upcoming season, and special attention is in the truck segment. Of course, there is Ford Ranger as one of the leaders in the segment. Nevertheless, possible US release for 2018 and diesel engine will bring more competition and rivals.

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