2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Specs and Changes

Power Wagon is an off-road heavy-duty truck that will take you anywhere. Ram took its HD pickup to the next level with special upgrades. Well, the next edition is not going to offer a 5.7-liter engine, but only a 6.4. other rumors are mentioning a turbodiesel engine for the 2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon.

The truck is based on the Ram 2500 model. So, it is not going to offer 900 lb-ft of torque, even if it gets a Cummins unit. Changes for the new version includes a cosmetic update of the exterior and more elegant interior. Features list will be longer and the 2019 Power Wagon will be modern and appealing. The company still needs to talk to their designers. Fans were not happy with the graphics on the last edition.

2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon

2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Specs

The 2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon is not going to use a 5.7-liter V8 engine anymore. Instead, the only unit under the hood remains a 6.4-liter Hemi mill. It can create 410 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque. But, this is still not making Power Wagon an off-road truck. New suspension and 5-link coils will boost its performance. These are not improving the capability to run on various terrains, but also handling and maneuvering. Bilstein shocks will soak bumps. Warn wrench allows the truck to tow 12,000 pounds.

2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon release date

Rumors – Diesel, Hellcat

Rumors are mentioning the 2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon with a diesel engine. Well, Ram 2500 is using a 6.7-liter Cummins turbo unit. This one is capable to deliver 800 lb-ft of torque for the smaller HD truck, and over 930 pounds-feet for Ram 3500. Well, the Power Wagon does not need so much twisting power.

Another possibility is to see the 2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon with a Hellcat engine. Well, this has more chances of happening. Last year, during Ram 1500 debut in Detroit, the company set the clock at 7:07. A 6.2-liter supercharged petrol engine, called Hellcat, can deliver 707 horsepower. So, it seems like FCA is announcing something. But we still don’t know which truck will carry so much energy. It could be Ram Rebel TRX. Now, fans are poised with another opinion – the Dodge Ram Power Wagon with Hellcat engine.

Diesel Engine – Why Not?

We want to see the 2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon with a diesel engine. But, it is still unlikely to happen. Why? The size of the V6 turbodiesel is larger than a petrol drivetrain. The standard winch is making problems, so there should be upgrades behind the bumper if Ram wants to get this mill. Removing a winch is not an option. That makes Power wagon so special. Adding a diesel engine requires further changes on suspension. So, the truck will need a totally new configuration under the hood. Well, the Power Wagon needs to solve these problems if it wants to get a diesel energy one day.

2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon specs

2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Price and Competition

The new truck will cost more than its predecessor. With changes inside and outside the cabin, the price could jump for about $3,000. So, the next edition will have a $58,000 price sticker. With leather seats and steering wheel, navigation, spray-on bedliner, or LED lights, the cost will gain more than $10k.

Currently, there is no serious contender for the 2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon. Heavy-duty segment lacks the off-road models. Well, things could seriously change very soon. Ford is about to bring Raptor the Super Duty lineup. Also, Chevrolet is testing a ZR2 model for its Silverado 1500. HD models are next to get it. Also, Nissan is in the market too. Its Titan XD Warrior concept can spoil plans to all leading US truckmakers.  But, none of these is in production yet, so the Power Wagon can be calm. For now.

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