2019 Ford Ranger vs. Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier, Canyon and Ridgeline

The 2019 Ford Ranger debuted at the largest car show on earth. Now it is official that the vehicle will return to the US after some while. Shortly after the premiere, we will see it in salons, and the starting price will be around $25,000. The truck comes with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine and three trim levels – XL, XLT, and Lariat.

When we talk about technologies, the 2019 Ford Ranger will offer plenty of new features. This will be working mule, which will be capable for the toughest off-road jobs. However, it is also stylish. The company offers 4×4 packages and eight color options.

The 2019 Ranger will take a position is small pickup class, where it will face the competition from the US and Japan. Ford’s archrival, Chevy, will face Raptor with new Colorado truck. GMC is preparing a new Canyon. All three Japanese truckmakers will be worried about the arrival of Ford Ranger. They will have to change plans and speed up innovations. Honda must do this with Ridgeline, Nissan with Frontier, and Toyota’s response is coming with new Tacoma.

2019 Ford Ranger front

2019 Ford Ranger vs Chevy Colorado

Turbocharged 4-cylinder unit on the 2019 Ford Ranger will deliver the same amount of power and torque as the V-6 unit on the Chevrolet Colorado. Ranger is using a 10-speed gearbox, while Colorado is coming with an 8-speed box. Similar towing capacities and payloads are expected, while the Blue Oval company will make a pickup truck with a better mileage.

2019 Ford Ranger vs GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon shares a lot with Chevrolet Colorado. These two trucks are pretty similar. So, the same relation is with 2019 Ford Ranger. The canyon is capable to run 25 mpg on the highway. Ranger will have near value, but with much better output for an off-road drive.

2019 Ford Ranger rear

2019 Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is the most popular foreign truck in the US. Well, we can call it foreign, but it is built in North America. With the arrival of the 2019 Ford Ranger, Tacoma will get a new rival. Toyota is already preparing a new version of TRD package for a small pickup truck. With it, Tacoma will be able to compete on the market, since it lacks power and torque compared to 2019 Ranger and Chevy Colorado.

2019 Ford Ranger vs Nissan Frontier

Nissan is slowing down in the compact class. If the Frontier doesn’t get a huge update, we can’t call it a serious contender to 2019 Ford Ranger. Nissan’s small pickup can make only 260 horses, which is 50 hp less than the new Ranger. Torque level is the same, and Frontier also lacks the towing capacity, while having slightly higher fuel consumption than its rivals.

2019 Ford Ranger steering wheel

2019 Ford Ranger vs Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a class leader in fuel economy. Also, the truck is quite powerful with an output of 280 hp. Nevertheless, it is still not a match to 310 hp delivered from the 2019 Ranger. Nevertheless, the Ridgeline is short on towing capacity. But, the company is considering a performance-tuned Type R model for massive power and torque boost.

3 thoughts on “2019 Ford Ranger vs. Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier, Canyon and Ridgeline”

  1. Ford I think is making a big mistake with there choice of engines I was hoping they were going with the v6 n not the tc 4 cyclinder I don’t want a tc 4cyclinder there over rated ford lost me with that choice. Thank u.

  2. I must agree no 4 cycl. With a turbo . The turbo is a big headache overrated more maintainence goes with it. Put the v 6 in it it will be the winning combo for the new truck . It will have the capabilities to do all the 4cycl does not belong in a truck if not your going to loose a lot of us looking forward to the new fanger

  3. The Ranger is the best truck on the road now. The 4 banger offers the power and torque while saving on weight and fuel. Its also a less expensive power plant to maintain. With the 10 speed on it, The Ranger simply outmatches any of the V6 engines. Toyo offers a V6 but it is weak and pathetic. The ranger’s 4 does more with less. Most people I think will like the lower fuel and upkeep of the 4 over the less capable fuel sucking 6’s. It is rather antiquated thinking to count cylinders over performance stats. Having test drove a Ranger, I can tell yeah it lacks no power. It was smooth shifting an its tranny kept the engine right where it needed to be. The 2.3L reaches its best at lower RPMs then the old 6’s from the other dated trucks as-well. I drove a taco, It was sluggish, tranny was sloppy. Chevy does a bit better but their trucks are not known for reliability. They make the top ten least reliable list 4 times. Their trucks are a dated approach and poorly built. Plus the suspension is just pure junk, bouncing around like riding on jello. Seems Ford nailed it on many levels. (where is my sunroof Ford) Some folks just want a less capable truck as long as they need two hands to count cylinders. That’s their choice, I’ve also seen the complaints of no manual. Ford obviously seen, Manuals account for less the 3% of all cars sold in the US and decided, 2.6% of the sales is not worth the investment on a less capable tranny. Anyone dead set on a less capable truck is best off driving the dated old taco with its crap tranny and limited towing, payload and torque or the unreliable GM products. Nissan still has its place, It like the toyo is dated and antiquated yet they are smart enough to price it for what it is, A cheap, date less capable truck.


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