2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab

The 2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab is another piece of the big puzzle. If you think that XL stands for larger model, you are right. But rare fans will know this is going to be a commercial truck, rather than a small pickup. The truck was spied without covers and camouflage. So, we see Ranger without a bed, bringing a chassis cab.

The base model of the pickup truck is XL. But, the commercial version will carry the same name. If we pay attention, the 2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab looks like an enlarged version of the pickup, but without a bed. Of course, buyers will attach a container or small utility box for their needs.

2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab spy shot

2019 Ford Ranger XL Specs

Although it is not confirmed yet, we can be sure that 2019 Ford Ranger XL commercial truck will use the same drivetrain system as the rest of the lineup. That means a 2.3-liter drivetrain and a 10-speed automatic transmission will generate power for the Chassis Cab version. Outputs are still questionable. In some models, this mill is capable to deliver 300 horses. For the truck, torque is more important. Info from leaking sources is reporting that Ranger Chassis Cab will have more twisting power than other models. Experts believe it is going to be around 300 lb-ft.

The combination 300/300 for power and torque will make competition silly. All rivals will have to react fast if they want to stay in the game. Buyers of commercial vehicles are not so worried about the look. But, when the truck with such performance appears, it is going to smoke all other vehicles in the same class.

2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab spied

2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab Design

According to first comments, the 2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab is an ugly truck. Well, these vehicles are not there to attract with their design. Buyers are looking for durability and build quality. Also, maintenance is another big factor for these working machines. But, that doesn’t make Ford right. Fans are finding similarities between this truck and old Taurus car. The design of the front bumper is very close, but we can’t say Ranger XL borrowed this part from the sedan.

Truckers hope for a 7-ft bed. The smaller box is not an option since experts are sure the truck won’t be competitive with GM twins and Tacoma Chassis Cab.

2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab side

2019 Ford Ranger XL Release Date and Price

The 2019 Ford Ranger XL Chassis Cab is still in the development mode. We spot some cheap parts. That might be the reason why the testing mule is not having any camo. Well, the design will be very similar to regular Ranger, so there is no need for hiding.

The debut of the big 2019 Ford Ranger XL will happen after the small pickup arrives at salons. That means all the commercial buyers will have to wait a couple of months after the release date of 2019 Ranger. We believe the Chassis Cab variant will be out by the next April.

The pricing is still not available. We need to know the entire features list to make estimations. It will probably be slightly cheaper than its version with the bed.

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