2019 GMC Sierra Denali Changes, Updates, Specs

After the confirmation for the diesel version of upcoming GMC Sierra, we have new big news about this truck. First of all, the pickup could see the debut in the Middle East. The North America is the primary to all truckmakers, but expanding the market is always a good thing. Not only that buyers in the US, but also in other parts of the world would like to get 2019 GMC Sierra Denali.

The truck will suffer the big redesign. Changes will include updates in interior and outside the vehicle. Furthermore, the GMC Sierra is about to shake things up with its trim levels and cab configurations. Denali truck won’t be an exception. Already rich with features and unique styling, this version is ready to raise the impression on another level.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali

2019 GMC Sierra Denali Drivetrain

The complete Sierra 1500 lineup will suffer changes. However, the top of the class model is not going to see radical changes. But, minor updates under the hood will refresh the interest and make it special once again.

Buyers will choose between 5.3-l and 6.2-l displacements. These two are sharing many characteristics and features. Both are EcoTec3 V-8 units. Furthermore, an 8-speed automatic transmission is in a pair either with 5.3-l or 6.2-l powertrain. The combination is good for 9,000-9,300 pounds of maximum towing capability, depending on configuration. A 2WD is standard for 2019 GMC Sierra Denali, while AWD comes optional.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali spied

2019 GMC Sierra Denali Styling and Redesign

Although 2019 GMC Sierra Denali is a special version of the working mule, it is stylish also. Not only that the truck is performance-boosted, but also has additions for the better visual impression. Unique colors are coming for 2019 season. Nevertheless, the standard offer includes Onyx Black paint job. Buyers will probably have four or five more options to choose. Other options include a pick of wheels. Standard are 20-inch rims, while for 22-inch aluminum wheels we don’t have to pay extra. However, there are some other 22-inch rims that cost more than standard equipment.


As for the exterior, we can pick a color scheme of the cabin. Jet Black and Cocoa paint jobs are available for 2019 Sierra Denali. Leather seats and 8-inch infotainment display are standard. However, passengers on the rear bench can get their own displays, but smaller. Other extra features are under seat storage and all-weather floor mats and liners. Interior protection package costs around $250 more and brings extra equipment. There are also various parts and details which will be optional for Denali edition of 2019 GMC Sierra 1500.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali interior

2019 GMC Sierra Denali Price

Updates are not being prepared for equipment and visual appearance. The 2019 GMC Sierra Denali will cost more than its predecessor. All the premium features will increase the price to $55,000 for Crew Cab 2WD 5.3-l configuration. For 4WD we must add $3,000. Also, the 6.2-l engine will boost the price to $2,000. Finally, there is a Crew Cab model with standard box. Top of the class model, without extra features, will start from above $60,000.

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