2019 Holden Colorado The No1 Australian Ute

The 2019 Holden Colorado is going to be another Australian version of its more popular American sibling. However, in the past, the truck evolved from Chevy base to pretty unique pickup. Holden is spicing it up with Opel’s elements, the sister company of other two carmakers. Mixing things up, we are getting updates annually. Now, it is time for 2019 Colorado, which will be the last step before the big update in 2020.

The driving experience of the Holden Colorado is its main advantage. On the other hand, the downside is the price. But, if we compare these two, we would say that performance wins our favors. This kind of truck is not present in Australia. It will also offer top-notch versions such as Z71and Storm, so Colorado manages to be attractive in this part of the world.

2019 Holden Colorado

2019 Holden Colorado Specs and Engine

The 2019 Holden Colorado has a wide choice of cab configurations, colors, and trim level. But, all of them has one thing in common – the Duramax diesel engine. Specs sheet is unchanged if we compare it to its predecessor. An output of 300 hp and 500 lb-ft is enough for any off-road drive and adventure. Engineers revisited a 6-pace transmission box, and now, it runs smoother. Towing capacity will remain at the same level. The 2019 Colorado will be able to tow up to 3,500 pounds.

2019 Holden Colorado diesel

Petrol Engine

Holden is planning to add a petrol unit to the powertrain lineup for the new Colorado. However, it is still questionable what to expect. Will a V-6 satisfy the needs of torque and power? We have in mind only a 3.6-l displacement, as the only V-6 possible for the upcoming truck. Some rumors hint on a smaller unit, with better fuel economy. However, even super or turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine can’t match the power of Duramax powertrain or a V-6.

2019 Holden Colorado Trim Levels, Cab Configurations

The 2019 Holden Colorado is going to be available in 4×2 and 4×4 drive modes. Depending on this choice, buyers will then pick suitable cab configuration. Single Chassis, Crew Cab Chassis, and Crew Cab Pickup are options for 4×2 version. The other one is offering two additional variations, Space Cab Chassis and Space Cab Pickup. Further, to complete the purchase, drivers will have to pick a trim level. The entry-level truck is LS. The mid-range lineup has two trims LT and LTZ. Top of the class pickups are Storm and Z71.

2019 Holden Colorado Z71

HSV Colorado

The HSV Colorado is going to be an upgraded version of the 2019 Holden Colorado. This company in cooperation with Walkinshaw will tune the truck for the more aggressive visual appearance. There are two models on the way for 2019. HSV will make on and off-road trucks.

2019 Holden Colorado Prices

There are no changes in price for the upcoming truck. The base LS pickup will cost $40,000 Australian dollars. Furthermore, just under 50,000 AUD, we can find LT and LTZ. Top of the class pickups is going over this mark. Finally, the 2019 Holden Colorado Storm is slightly above, while the Z71 is going to cost around 57,000 AUD.

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