2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R, Hybrid, Black Edition

The Ridgeline is one of the most versatile and the most exciting trucks on the market. Some even call is sport utility truck. Not a surprise, since this pickup can do a lot of things. It can tow, it can be a commercial vehicle, as well as transportation truck. All in all, its popularity grow is not happening by accident. A lot of innovations are coming with every new model, so we eagerly expect details about 2019 Honda Ridgeline.

By then, we have to listen to the rumors and other sources of information. According to some experts, big changes are on the way for 2019 Ridgeline. What does it mean? We place our bets on the redesign, rather than a new generation. Part of the mid-cycle refreshment will be a revisit of the engine room. Can we expect a new powertrain? Well, the answer is not so simple. Basically, the new Honda Ridgeline will use the same old drivetrain for the base models. However, if hybrid or Type R versions appear, these will need some significant boost.

Stay tuned, since we will try to analyze all available details and rumors about the 2019 Honda Ridgeline.

2019 Honda Ridgeline spied

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R

The most rumors have the Type R in the same sentences with 2019 Honda Ridgeline. Not only because of that, but many other reasons make us believe this is true. There are only a few models in Honda with this badge, and 2019 Ridgeline pickup could be the next. While the other companies are considering diesel and hybrid variants, the sport utility truck could get a performance-boosted version.

Highlights of this type of vehicles are special tuning and design. Honda is using lighter materials for weight drop of the vehicle. Then, it installs special engine for maximum performance. Traditional Type R badge will be painted in red, and white paint is always a good choice for this kind of vehicle.

When we talk about the truck, it could get a special treatment. The new Honda Ridgeline Type R could keep the existing engine. However, after the modification, nothing will be the same. The output will go probably to 450 horses and 420 lb-ft of torque. Engineers can achieve that only by adding turbo- or superchargers. The direct injection system is certain, as well as the new transmission.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R

Honda Ridgeline Hybrid

We forgot to mention that current Ridgeline truck is using a 3.5-l V-6 drivetrain. This is a very thankful unit with great capability for tuning. Besides for Type R, it is going to be the base for eventual 2019 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid. So far, we could see Civic and Accord as plug-in models, and CR-Z hatch with a fuel cell. Both cars are delivering better fuel economy with the combination of conventional engine and electric motor. Same is expected from a truck. Honda Ridgeline shouldn’t pay the price in performance since it is going to record similar towing capacity.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Engine and Specs

Nevertheless, Type R is certain, while Hybrid is a far-fetched story and wish of the enthusiasts. By the time we get these, we must be happy with a conventional drivetrain. And it is a 3.5-l V-6 unit. This is the only option. Luckily for the potential buyers, the V-6 is the excellent engine. It is paired with a 6-speed auto transmission. Interesting, it forwards the power to front wheels. Of course, AWD is optional for higher trims.

Output, Top Speed, Acceleration

The engine is good for 280 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Such amount of power is good for 5,000 pounds of towing capacity. Comparing to the rivals, it is far worse than Chevy Colorado can do. Even Nissan Frontier has the better capability. On the other hand, 2019 Honda Ridgeline accelerates to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. With a boost of 0.3 sec compared to the predecessor, it is almost on par with the quickest trucks in the market.

2019 Honda Ridgeline

2019 Honda Ridgeline Redesign and Changes

We already got used to surprises from Honda. They wouldn’t be leaders if that is not so. But, in US market, to keep up the pace with the competition, more than surprises is needed. Special things, unique details, and aesthetic look.

The latest reports bring us even more exciting news. The truck in RT, Sport, and RTL versions will come with an extra USB slot. The last trim level features moonroof and power sliding rear window, which is also part of the RTL-T model. List of standard features is impressive, but equipment, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are additional options, or standard for higher trim levels.

Trim Levels

Another great advantage of the Ridgeline truck is its offer of trim levels. The engine room might come with a single option, but plenty of features will make it up. The entry-level truck will offer nice standard features. Upgrade of the RT is Sport model with special wheels and fog lights. Comfort is boosted with zonal air-conditioning and climate control. However, RTL model brings the impression on the higher level with heating and adjustable seating position for driver bucket. Now, this model will have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features, instead of upper trim RTL-T. Premium model with the special audio system is RTL-E.

Black Edition

Current truck is offering a special Black Edition. Since the interest for it was very high, we believe that version will re-appear on 2019 Honda Ridgeline. Black paint, with pearly gloss, makes the pickup bold and aggressive. Special wheels are 18-inches, and of course, black. There are few more unique details, but this model for 2019 will get new gadgets and details.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

2019 Honda Ridgeline Prices, Release Date

The 2018 season model is still fresh in the market. While fans and experts still examine the first feedbacks, engineers are preparing the new edition of a vehicle. So, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline has enough time to appear. However, we believe it will be around a year after the official debut of the current truck. That means we are going to see it in the second half of 2018.

Nevertheless, the question is what to do with hybrid and Type R? These two will probably take another release date than the base model. It is even possible to see them before the standard offer for 2019 season.

As we predicted earlier, the MSRP of the base 2019 Honda Ridgeline will be around $30,000. The entry-level pickup is coming with a two-wheel drive configuration. Buyers can choose this mode or all-wheel drive for Sport, RTL, and RTL-T versions, while RTL-E and Black Edition are AWD models only.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Prices

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