2020 Audi Pickup Truck Release Date

This is no longer a myth. The 2020 Audi Pickup Truck is becoming a part of the lineup in the luxury mid-size segment. The growth of the non-premium class makes these vehicles the most popular nowadays. But, some buyers want upper-class models. The only choice is the GMC Canyon Denali trim level. We will see what kind of options Ford is going to offer for its Ranger. Audi, without a doubt, will be a favorite purchase for all truckers who wants extra elegance in their ride.

Speculations about the Audi pickup truck date back from 2018. But now, the vehicle is more likely than ever. Its archrival, Mercedes, presented the X-Class trucks. BMW is also developing pickup. Audi is also in the game and the German manufacturer can’t allow other two rivals to expand and take the market. Currently, conditions are perfect for 2020 Audi Pickup Truck and we believe the company is not going to miss them.

2020 Audi Pickup Truck price

Audi Q7 Turns Into Pickup Truck

The Q7 SUV will be a perfect start for the pickup build. It offers everything – size, styling, capability. Audi only needs to find a way to turn it into a truck. It is not simple as it was 40 years ago – just to cut the back and install the bed. Today’s trucks are much more than that. Working machines need to respond to various challenges and the first one is to improve off-road driving. The SUV is already a good performer, but the pickup will have to be better. Why? Because you will often drive a fully-loaded bed with items. To secure their transport and to keep performance at a high level, Audi will have to make improvements everywhere.

The good thing about that is the Quattro system. This is the famous all-wheel drive mode, but the German company will have to make it more four-wheel drive. Again, off-road work requires a lot of tuning. That is the main reason why we are waiting for the 2020 Audi Pickup Truck so long.

2020 Audi Pickup Truck release date

2020 Audi Pickup Truck Specs

The premium truck will have a premium engine. That is definitely where Audi’s V6 drivetrain shows its quality. With this unit, the 2020 Audi Pickup Truck can count on 330 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. It is also the pretty capable engine, with a maximum towing capacity of 7,700 pounds. It comes in pair with an eight-speed automatic transmission. For the first appearance, this engine will be the only choice. Later, the company could add a high-output version. Also, a turbo-four is an option. However, it harms the premium character of this pickup truck.

2020 Audi Pickup Truck specs

Release Date and Price

The new 2020 Audi Pickup Truck is still only speculation. Few render photos is all we have. However, these look realistic and something we can see rolling out from factory lines. The vehicle won’t appear by the end of this year. The carmaker could bring the concept first, with start of production beyond 2020. Well, Audi must speed up things in the development department, since rivals are also taking part in rumors. We already mentioned German manufacturers, but there are also Lexus truck, Lincoln Mark LT, Cadillac Escalade EXT, as possible competitors in the mid-size premium class.

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