SUV-Based 2020 Ford Ranchero Is Not Just A Dream

A truck based on a unibody platform – only Honda offers Ridgeline. It will soon get a company. The new 2020 Ford Ranchero will bring back an old recipe of a car-based pickup. Well, now it will be an SUV-based, but SUVs are only larger cars since they also use unibody architecture.

The appearance of Ranchero in 1957 was a revolutionary move. Well, this truck was a pioneer, although Chevy El Camino made car-based pickups famous.

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Rancho had seven generations during 20 years, and it shared few things with Ford Mustang. That helped Ranchero survive for so long. Eventually, the US carmaker decided to discontinue this truck and build a new one on the body-on-frame platform. It was the Ford Ranger. Well, this seems to be a wise move by the company, since these pickups are still a dominating force in the automotive industry.

2020 Ford Ranchero comeback

2020 Ford Ranchero Short History

We already mentioned that Ranchero appeared for the first time in 1957. We won’t analyze its sales and situation on market at that time in depth. But, 50 years ago and today, the concept will be the same. The US carmaker introduced a car without the rear part of the cabin. They took Falcon sedan, chopped off its cabin, and turned the back into a bed. That is a story how the 1957 Ford Ranchero originated. Fun fact – the same construction was used for Mustang couple of years later.

What is 2020 Ford Ranchero?

Fast forward to 2019. The history repeats. Based on the Focus sedan and hatchback model, Ford is going to build an SUV. Well, this is not the same as creating a truck. But, instead of chopping off parts, the company will beef up the existing model to become an SUV. Then, we are getting to cutting. The new Focus SUV will serve as the base for the 2020 Ford Ranchero. Like in the past, engineers will turn the back into a bed.

This is not the first time in recent history the US company is doing this. Australian department, before its closing, had a similar model – Falcon ute (popular name for pickups in this country). This experience will be used in the development of the 2020 Ford Ranchero, although the US market is much more specific.

Focus Active Crossover will inspire 2020 Ford Ranchero
Focus Active Crossover will inspire 2020 Ford Ranchero

2020 Ford Ranchero Specs, Engine

Being based on the SUV we believe the 2020 Ford Ranchero will carry the same engines. However, the Focus Active Crossover concept is official, but the company hasn’t unveiled any specs details. We know that wagon-like SUV will take a utility of the larger vehicles, and handling of a sedan. Could that mean Ford is keeping Focus’ engines?

Well, the model is currently using four units. The 2020 Ford Ranchero is definitely not going to carry a hybrid drivetrain. Turbocharged engines are delivering more power – 250 hp and 350 hp, depending on setup. A 2.3-liter is more powerful but less efficient than a 2.0-liter mill. The lineup of the 4-cylinder engine is closing with a 2.0-liter engine, good for 160 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque. This is just not enough for a truck. We can speculate about other units as well, but it is up to engineers and company, what do they want from 2020 Ford Ranchero.

2020 Ford Ranchero GT

Late in ’60s, Ford launched a special edition of the Ranchero, together with Torino. It was a GT model with a V8 engine and higher output. Back then, other upgrades included new independent front suspension, leaf spring rear suspension, transmission, and brakes. Why won’t we have hopes for 2020 Ford Ranchero GT? Honda is planning to do the same with Ridgeline and launch it as the next Type R vehicle. Ranchero GT could spoil these plans. The Japanese company intended to be the only truckmaker in the market with such model.

2020 Ford Ranchero gt release date

Production, Release Date

This truck will be produced in Mexico, according to plans. However, the new 2020 Ford Ranchero will be only a preview of the vehicle we will see as the 2022 year model. Other rumors are claiming the pickup is going to appear in Brazil, and then other markets. This has sense since Ranchero is definitely going to cost less than Ford Ranger. Other countries in Central and South America are also keeping tabs on the new pickup.

Well, the idea is here. A similar concept was pulled off in the past, so it is not impossible to see 2020 Ford Ranchero once again, crafted by the same recipe. Do you think it is likely to happen?

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  1. Sunday December 16,2018 Yes we do need a replacement for the non-produced
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    of the same size Not the new big Ranger that is the size of Ford F150.
    Needing help before my 2011 Ranger tells me I’m to old and body is needing new
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