2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon with Mojave Sand package (Official Update)

The Limited edition of the heavy-duty truck is coming back. The company produced only 1,500 units in 2018 and the 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave is getting the same amount of units. You need to pay attention to official announcements since this pickup truck is not last for too long on the market. Ram is well-known for its special editions, and Mojave HD model is one of the best-selling ones.

The price will be higher than before. The 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave will be one of the most expensive units in the lineup. Whatsoever, this version brings a lot of eye-catching features. One of the most distinctive is the sand beige color. Well, the truck will be based on the standard Power Wagon, while the Mojave package is making it look better. There are no performance upgrades, or special editions of suspension, shocks, or brakes.

2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave

2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave Features

The new 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave truck will bring back the sand beige color, that is for sure. Big rigs are usually boring. Whatever any company tries to do, its main purpose is working. Well, the Mojave edition of the Ram 2500 Power Wagon is changing that. The purpose remains the same, but the pickup looks way better. We already praised the paintjob, but that is not all the HD truck is offering.

Outside, you will see the new tires. Black 17-inch wheels are contrasting the color of the body. Inside, the 2020 Ram HD Power Wagon Mojave will make it all black, as it did in 2018. The package comes with a huge 10-inch infotainment screen. Power-folding mirrors are offering heating, as well as the steering wheel and seats. Bed features LED lighting.

2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave Interior

2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave Specs

Based on the standard Power Wagon, Mojave edition will use the same petrol engine as this big rig. Well, this model is not getting the high-output diesel unit with a torque above 900 pound-feet. Still, the 6.4-liter V8 can produce 410 hp and 430 lb-ft. That is enough for off-road duties and a towing capacity of 12,000 pounds thanks to the special upgrades. A six-speed transmission is standard and it sends power to all wheels for the 2020 Power Wagon Mojave. As said, this truck is not improving specs, but it adds an inch of ground clearance (15 inches total). Warn winch is standard and you can dive into 30 inches of water with this HD truck.

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2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Mojave wheels

How Much Power Wagon Mojave Is Going to Cost?

The standard price for the Ram 2500 Power Wagon is around $55,000. That was the cost of the Mojave package when it appeared last year. The new edition will cost more since the company is planning updates to the complete HD lineup. Fans are ready to pay $60,000. However, the company still owes us details about the release date and other upgrades. We already got used to these special editions by the FCA, and the Power Wagon Mojave won’t be the only one with the unique package available next year.

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