2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck – Name is still a mystery (Model U, Model P, Model T or something Else?)

One of the models we can’t wait to see is the 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck. There are no doubts the company is going to introduce a truck next season. The production might start later, but the debut must happen as soon as possible. Well, Elon Musk marked this vehicle as the priority for the future. But, there are some doubts the carmaker needs to solve before it enters the market next season.

Probably the major mystery is the name of the 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck. There are three names mentioned in rumors – Model P, Model T, and Model U. However, there is a chance for a totally new nomenclature. Tesla is always full of surprises. Also, the company is developing a vehicle that will be affordable, but still luxurious and reliable, with high range and towing capacity.

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck model t

Which One Comes First – 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck or Roadster

The truck might be a priority, but Tesla’s bosses also mentioned a roadster as the car for future development. With such a vehicle being easier to create, it could arrive before the truck. Still, the pickup is definitely more interesting, since Tesla is not going to have any rivals in this class. On the other hand, BMW is also in the mix with an i8 sports car to compete with the roadster.

What is the Name of the 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck?

Well, the car is not going to be named the 2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck. According to the previous nomenclature, it should be either Model P (Pickup) or Model T (Truck). Model S is sedan, Model 3 or Model E is for everything, Model X is a crossover SUV. Well, the new Model Y will also be an SUV, and we can’t figure out why. The same could happen with the truck by taking the Model U name. Why? Probably U stands for Utility.

2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck model p concept

2020 Tesla vs Rivian Truck

The new 2020 Tesla Electric Truck probably expected to see the Ford Electric truck as the main rival in the future. The Blue Oval company invests big into electrification and they will try to catch up with Tesla. But, it is not an easy task. It is more likely that the first and the second electric trucks on the market will come from Tesla and Rivian. Another big player is in the game, and the concept of its pickup truck is already there.

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2020 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck concept

Specs, Range, Release

The new 2020 Tesla Truck can come out at any time. The company is always surprising the automotive world with technology and sudden releases. One of these could be a truck for the next season, although we expect to see it as 2021 YM. Range of the new vehicle is still unknown. It should be at least 300 miles. But, engineers have a task to maximize the towing capacity. Tesla’s pickup needs to offer 10,000 pounds. So, combining these two elements seems to be too complicated so far. It is possible, but current electric engines would be too big and expensive.


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