Is 2020 Tesla Model T future of the pickup trucks?

Tesla shook up the entire world with an announcement of their plans. The US company is building a roadster and a truck. Of course, all-electric power sources are on the way. If we use logic on Tesla’s nomenclature, it is easy to predict the pickup’s name. Model S is a sedan, Model X is a crossover, Model E is the car for everyone, so the truck must be Model T. but well, true Ford fans already know that their favorite company had a vehicle with this name. But, 2020 Tesla Model T truck and an old-timer Ford Model T has nothing in common, since it’s been nearly 100 years from the discontinuation of the second one.

But, let’s go back to the roots of these speculations. The only certain thing is Elon Musk’s words that Tesla is after pickup truck. Everything else is rumors. Trusted sources from the US company said that Model T and roadster are priorities. They are not giving us any clues or schedules. So, the truck is still not even close to production. The pickup truck must meet many requirements, so it is not an easy task to build a new market. Well, the idea itself is pretty cool, and we are looking forward to new updates.

2020 Tesla Model T

2020 Tesla Model T Release Date Rumors

Do not expect the production of the 2020 Tesla Model T so soon. The truck could appear at some of the big auto shows in 2020 as a concept and the official announcement. As far as we can learn, the production will start in the next five years for sure. But the exact release date is still unknown. Everything else is speculations about the pickup without a real foundation.

Whatsoever, soon after Elon Musk said the truck is the next vehicle Tesla is going to produce, other companies responded. Now, we can hear that Ford is going after F-150 Hybrid. Well, the Blue Oval company is investing big money into the electrification of its entire fleet. So, after the first cycle that ends in 2022, Ford could go after an electric truck.

2020 Tesla Model T release date

2020 Tesla Model T Rendering

When Tesla presented its semi-truck, at the back of the model was a smaller pickup. It hasn’t taken too long for the entire automotive world to go crazy about it. Could this be the first appearance of the 2020 Tesla Model T? We will see. However, the pickup is only a sketch, so we can’t claim too much out of this. Also, experts are not sure if this was an accident, or the US company planted an easter egg.

Furthermore, fans immediately started to build their 2020 Tesla Model T. And now, we can see the first images based on the tiny photo from the semi-trucks debut. All in all, these are only fans’ concept arts and these have nothing to do with an official Model T pickup truck. As we already said, most details we know about the vehicle are just rumors and speculations. Some of them go even so far to claim the Model T will have a range of 500 miles. Pretty optimistic, but it has nothing with the official sources.

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    • Hi. We are still waiting for the official updates from the company. With the Cybertruck out, the Model T might be launched in 2023 or 2024.


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