2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel USA Release Date is Set

After a long time of waiting, Toyota is finally launching a diesel engine for its mid-size Tacoma truck. We expected this engine earlier, but the recent situation on the market speeded up the debut of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. The return of Ford Ranger and possible comeback of Dodge Dakota are serious competition. The compact truck market is not as big as the full-size one, so every buyer is important. With the diesel engine, Toyota will add versatility to the entire lineup.

Whatsoever, the new 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel will be part of the mid-cycle redesign. The truck entered the third generation in 2015. Now, it is time for a refresh, although we saw a few changes over the past years. But, the 2020 Tacoma will bring more significant modifications. Besides the diesel engine in the USA, we will also see the new TRD Pro package. Well, we can’t wait to see how it pairs a diesel engine. With such configuration, this pickup will come at the Chevy Colorado, which is considered as the best mid-size pickup truck in the United States.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel release date

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Release Date

Before we check out the specs sheet of the possible drivetrain, we will see the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel release date schedule. If the company doesn’t fail to deliver again, a truck with a new engine will arrive in mid-2019. However, sales won’t start before the last quarter of the year. So, there is still enough time for tuning and upgrading the 2020 Tacoma Diesel.

The company will present the new drivetrain at the separate event. The Japanese carmaker is not going to wait for a big auto show. The competition and crowd could put this premiere in the background. The exact release date will be unveiled early in 2019.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel USA

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Specs, 4×4

What are the drivetrain possibilities for the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel? According to rumors, engineers are finalizing the tuning of the 1KD-FTV engine. A 3.0-liter drivetrain is capable to produce a similar amount of power as the Chevy Colorado diesel (180 hp). However, Tacoma will lack some torque, since its engine is producing around 310 lb-ft.

The other possibilities are a 2.8-liter turbodiesel or 2.4-liter D-D4 unit. Both these engines are coming from the Toyota Hilux models. A smaller unit is capable to deliver 150 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of twist (400 Nm). It is paired with either 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox. We believe the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel USA version is going to offer only an auto transmission. Both 4×2 and 4×4 drive systems are in offer.

A larger 2.8-liter displacement can produce 175 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque (420 Nm). If the company manages to improve this engine, it has the most chances to be the power heart of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. First of all, emission standards are the stumbling block. Also, the drivetrain will need slightly more power and torque to compete with Chevrolet Colorado diesel and the upcoming Ford Ranger Diesel.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel specs
Toyota 2.8-liter D-4D engine

Towing Capacity, Gas Mileage

At the moment, a V6 petrol engine gives enough power to Tacoma to tow up to 6,800 pounds. This is not a bad result. But it is still almost 1,000 lbs less than its main rival can do. Also, some big SUVs can tow more than the truck. So, the towing capacity of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is needed like never before.

With the smaller block, a 2.4-liter turbodiesel, the truck will reach 7,000 pounds. Improvement is there, but it is still less than the Chevy Colorado offers to its drivers (7,700 pounds). On the other hand, the fuel economy gain is noteworthy. The petrol truck returns 21 mpg combined with V6 powertrain equipped. Toyota Hilux with 2.4-liter turbodiesel can make 35 mpg combined.

The other engine returns fewer miles per gallon – 32 mpg combined. However, its towing capacity jumps to 7,800 pounds. This sets a challenge to all the future rivals of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel TRD Pro

TRD Pro is top of the class model in Tacoma lineup. The truck is unstoppable with features the Toyota Racing Development prepared for the upcoming model. The off-road oriented vehicle can go anywhere, anytime. But, what would happen if we combine this suite of features with a diesel engine? In that case, 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel TRD would swipe the competition, including Chevy Colorado ZR2 and Ford Ranger Raptor.

The 2020 Tacoma Diesel TRD Pro package includes all features that will be available for the standard model. Special suspension and shocks will be tuned for an off-road drive. All-terrain tires are standard. Wheels are larger than for the base model. Finally, visual details and graphics are going to make the TRD Pro models different from the rest of the lineup.

Read all about the new 2020 Tacoma TRD Pro HERE.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel trd pro

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Price

The new engine will definitely add some value to the truck. A truck with a four-cylinder engine will cost $26,000. A V-6 adds around $4,000 to the base price. Diesel probably puts another $1,000 to the cost. So, the cheapest 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel could cost around $31,000. TRD Pro package increases the price to nearly $50,000.

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  1. If it doesn’t come with disc rear brakes Toyota is not getting my money. I am done paying top dollar for old technology. If they can put rear disc on the tundra and rear disc on the 4runner and aftermarket company sell rear disc for the Tacoma then the factory can put it on there otherwise I’ll stick with the Colorado

  2. If you really want disc, buy the tacoma and get a conversion kit. You will still be saving loads of money by not getting a colorado. Plus toyotas are known for reliability. GM not so much.

  3. One thing I noticed about the 2020 Tacoma’s is the addition of a 6.7 ft bed for access and crew cabs, over the 6.1 ft LB, that is major progress. The 6.7 ft bed is much better for camping. Its why we buy trucks in the first place. I have no use for a 5 ft bed on a 4×4 truck. 10 way seating position on front seats is progress as well. Now lets get rid of the cannister oil filter and go back to a spin on filter. We don’t need old technology on trucks we pay over 40K for.


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