No Comeback For the 2021 Chevy El Camino

We saw the truck in 2020, but only as the final piece of the Breaking Bad saga. Jesse runs away in the last generation of the pickup discontinued in 1987. Ever since fans of this vehicle are asking if the truck is coming back. We say – no. Forget about the 2021 Chevy El Camino, since the GM has other priorities at this moment.

The SUV segment is dominating the market. It would be crazy to try to change it with the sporty truck. Everything the 2021 Chevy El Camino would offer you can find on Traverse or Equinox SUVs. It still doesn’t stop the fans from thinking of possibilities of the return. The comeback rumors about the Ford Ranchero and Dodge Dakota might also warm up stories about the El Camino.

2021 chevy el camino
El Camino in Breaking Bad

First Problem – Sport Trucks are Gone

The car-based pickups were very popular in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s other classes started to grow and the first SUVs became to replace them. Also, pickups were more capable to work, and less used as transportation vehicles. Nowadays, these are mules capable to pull large cargo. If you look at the offer, the only remaining truck with the unibody platform is Honda Ridgeline. Compared to its rivals, it achieves the worst sales. Why would Chevrolet want to fix this? Ford left the mid-size segment because of the drop in popularity. Now, they are back with its Ranger when the class started to recover.

El Camino in 1987

Where Could 2021 Chevy El Camino Fit?

General Motors is producing both Chevrolet and GMC trucks. These are mechanical twins and the GM has a double offer. The mid-size trucks are Colorado and Canyon. The other one has a premium Denali version, while the ZR2 is the off-road oriented unit for the first one. Full-size and heavy-duty models are also covering every area interesting to buyers. So, the sports class is the only option. As we already explained, it guarantees low sales.

Could 2021 Chevy El Camino Be a Hybrid Truck?

This is an interesting theory. But, it is hard to believe that 2021 Chevy El Camino could get such configuration before the flagship models. Also, the GM is not so into the hybridization, even in the more popular SUV classes. So, the classic working pickup with such an engine cannot be developed and launched so soon.

On the other hand, if El Camino brings back old fashion and adds a hybrid unit under the hood, that could be interesting to see. It is a class where no other company has any representative and the GM could explore the interest among buyers.

2021 chevy el camino concept
2021 Chevy El Camino concept

Limited Edition

Finally, the most likely option for the 2021 Chevy El Camino is to appear as the limited edition for some of the existing trucks. In this case, it would be either Silverado 1500 or Colorado. This will be only the tribute to the popular model that was the star of the lineup for nearly 30 years.

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2 thoughts on “No Comeback For the 2021 Chevy El Camino”

  1. GM should consider that older guys simply cannot handle a Silverado, F-150 or Dodge Ram size truck. The smaller Tacoma, Colorado, and S-10 are hard to enter. I feel the boomer generation would support and welcome ElCamino production.
    I’ll give up my LS460 so I can fit a 4’x8’ plywood now that I’ve retired.

  2. I don’t know about Americans but us Australians are devastated about the end of the Holden (GM) commadoore. The Chevy el Camino would probably be welcomed with open arms as the successor to the commadoore which has remained a popular choice through generations


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