Forget About 2021 Ford Ranchero, It Is NOT Going to Happen

It’s been in production for 20 years, how can we forget it? Rumors about the 2021 Ford Ranchero has sense, but its comeback is not realistic. There are a few good reasons. First, these pickups based on cars are not popular anymore. Now you have a bunch of crossovers and SUVs that can tow as much as trucks. Also, the company will complete the lineup with the new compact pickup, Courier. So, we see no spot available for the Ranchero.

Still, this doesn’t stop fans from creating teasers and render images. What’s more, it seems like the Bronco SUV is getting a pickup version. Still, these are all speculations and we can’t resist digging further to check if the company has any plans for the truck segment.

2021 Ford ranchero

2021 Ford Ranchero – Why Yes and Why Not?

The truck segment is still managing to cope with SUV’s versatility. The main reason why pickups are so popular is their towing capability. There are a little bit of emotions as well. On the other hand, the interest is not so high. Full-size trucks are best sellers in the US, mostly thanks to Ford F-150 which could hit 1 million sales in 2020. So, there is no room for the 2021 Ford Ranchero to fit into this class.

Recently, the company brought back Ranger. It is a mid-size model, while the most recent spy photos are showing compact Courier. The upcoming truck is causing a lot of attention, but the main question is – will it succeed? Most experts doubt this. So, what can we expect from the 2021 Ford Ranchero? Could it be some sub-class model? Again, even fans don’t believe in these stories. It would take a lot of time and money to develop this model. On the other hand, the Ranchero as a limited edition for some of the existing pickups is still an option.

2021 Ford ranchero
Ranchero used to be perfect for customizing

Sporty Truck

Recently, we can hear more rumors about the discontinued trucks coming back. We don’t mean Ranger pickup, but much older vehicles, such as Ranchero, Chevy El Camino, and few others. Well, Ford and GM are fighting for decades in this segment. So, seeing one company bringing back such a unit will make the other one do the same. Let’s forget the sales for a second. Imagine the new segment where we can see an old-school battle between two US automotive giants. Could it be the 2021 Ford Ranchero vs Chevy el Camino?

Well, sport trucks are not quite popular in the US, that’s the fact. Buyers will rather choose crossover or SUV, it’s proven. But, there is still one model available and surviving – Honda Ridgeline. It doesn’t compete with likes of Ranger, Colorado, or Tacoma. The sporty model comes with much better handling skills. However, its lack is towing capacity and the ability to haul huge loads. If we take a look at sales, it will be clear why it is hard to believe in the 2021 Ford Ranchero comeback – only 32,000 buyers opted for this model in 2019. Just for example, Toyota sells 5 times more Tacoma trucks.

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