Ford’s New P703 Project a.k.a. 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor

European and Aussie fans can already buy it. But, buyers in the US will have to wait for the 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor. We already wrote about Euro-Spec model’s debut (read a full review HERE). We thought the company will bring it overseas already next season, but the Raptor version will wait for 2021 to arrive. It is still a mystery what kind of a drivetrain it can offer to USA buyers. The diesel we see in other markets is not an option at the moment. A V6 is too big.

Various sources are confirming the performance-oriented mid-size truck is coming. The 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor is going to compete with Chevy Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro models. These are top of the line trucks in their lineups. But, fans in the US will have to wait for the next-gen model to see it rolling from factory lines.

2021 Ford Ranger Raptor us release date

Which Are Possible Engines for the 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor?

Euro-Spec 2019 Ranger Raptor is using a 2.0-liter EcoBlue engine. A twin-turbo system helps it deliver 210 hp and 370 pound-feet of torque. That is even better than Chevy Colorado’s diesel model can do (180 hp, 370 lb-ft). So, it is still questionable if this EcoBlue engine could be a good fit for the 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor. According to rumors, the Blue Oval company wants more.

And, they can get it from a small V6 displacement. The all-new 2.7-liter turbo unit is a surprise for the F-150 lineup. But, we can see it being borrowed to the smaller sibling to maximize its outputs. A V6 could fit the engine room of the 2021 Ranger Raptor. With it, the mid-size truck would deliver 325 hp and 400 pound-feet of twist. Yes, that is exactly what we expect from a model with Raptor badge.

2021 Ford Ranger Raptor usa

P703 Project Rumors

The new 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor is going to suffer a lot of changes to appear in the United States. The truck cannot use the same platform as its sibling from Europe and Australia. So, the all-new architecture is underpinning the 2021 Ranger Raptor. Under the codename P703, the company is developing the concept which will be able to offer all a buyer of such truck needs. Stunning performance and off-road capabilities are the main things we want. Ford is going to spice it up with a V6 engine, but the architecture needs to be capable to handle such drivetrain. So, the P703 concept will help the Blue Oval company deliver the perfect unit.

When Will Ford Ranger Raptor Be Available In US?

The International Auto Show in Detroit is the perfect place for a debut. What’s more, it is moved for the next summer, so engineers will have a few extra months to deliver the best mid-size truck for the 2021 season. Furthermore, by being held in the summer, it will allow NAIAS rookies to show off their skills outside. And definitely, the 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor will want to do that. However, sales are not starting immediately. In the best case, it is going to happen very late next year. More objective reports are suggesting in the first quarter of 2021.

2021 Ford Ranger Raptor us


The new 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor with a V6 engine is not going to have any serious rival. Toyota Tacoma lacks 50 hp and 130 lb-ft. Even the TRD Pro package can’t make up such difference in outputs. And of course, suspension and other upgrades for the Raptor package will minimize the advantage of Toyota’s suite. Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is one of the most versatile truck in the mid-size segment. However, it will need some serious improvements to respond to the challenge the Ranger Raptor will set. A Duramax diesel is not the feature that gives an advantage. Jeep Gladiator is big enough to fit a 3.0-l turbodiesel engine which creates 250 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

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