2021 Ford Ranger V6 (Hybrid or Raptor?)

It didn’t take too long after the release of the Ford Ranger before fans started to speculate about the new engines for the mid-size truck. One thing is sure – a four-cylinder engine is not going to be the only choice. The 2021 Ford Ranger V6 seems likely to happen. But, we still don’t know the form of this model.

The Raptor version of the pickup is on the way to the US market. It is unlikely that this model will carry the same drivetrain as its Euro-spec sibling (diesel). Instead, the 2021 Ford Ranger V6 Raptor might be the performance-oriented model for the largest truck market in the world. High output specifications and unique parts will make it more aggressive. But, there are other options as well.

2021 Ford Ranger V6

Raptor is Coming, but What Powers It?

As said, the Ford Ranger Raptor is becoming a reality for US truckers. However, the primary question is laying under the hood. The first signs pointed to diesel engines as the favorite to take the spot. But, after some while, it became clear that 2021 Ford Ranger V6 Raptor is more likely to happen.

Currently, the drivetrain for the base Ranger is a 2.3-l EcoBoost with an excellent output (270 hp, 310 lb-ft). But, imagine what would the truck do with the larger unit. For example, a 3.0 turbo engine. For the F-150, it produces 325 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. In the mid-size segment, it is a perfect craft that will set some challenges for rivals.

Here Are 8 Reasons Why Ford Ranger Raptor Is The Best Mid-Size Pickup Truck

2021 Ford Ranger V6 Hybrid? Yes, it is possible!

Billions of dollars are invested in the electrification of Ford’s vehicles. While we are waiting for the first concepts of the F-150 hybrid, there is a PHEV model that could borrow its drivetrain to the Ranger pickup. Explorer SUV is now available with a plug-in system that can produce 320 hp. The base petrol powerplant is a 3.3-liter. The European version of the SUV is also offering a PHEV model, but it combines a 3.0-liter turbo-six mill and creates 450 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. Too much for the Ranger, though.

2021 Ford Ranger V6 hybrid
Hybrid Drivetrain

When Will the 2021 Ford Ranger V6 be Available?

It is uncertain yet when will Ford bring this model to the market. Raptor is already available in Europe. When it will be in production for the US, we still don’t know. More important, what kind of a drivetrain it is going to use? Most answers fans will get during 2020. The sales of the 2021 Ranger will start late, so there is enough time for development and tests.

2021 Ford Ranger 2.3 ecoboost engine
2.3 EcoBoost engine

Ranger vs Competition

A four-cylinder engine is capable to deliver 270 hp. The truck is slightly short from main competitors – Toyota Tacoma (280 hp), Chevy Colorado (275 hp). On the other hand, the turbo-four is creating more energy than Nissan Frontier’s massive 4.0 displacement.

Another detail is pretty important – the price. With the V6, the cost of the truck will jump. Currently, the MSRP starts at $25,000. Lariat model is already at $33,000, and the 2021 Ford Ranger V6 with Platinum trim will reach $40,000.

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