2021 Ford Super Chief Truck

The super truck based on the F-250 HD model could be out next season. The Super Chief concept might be old, but the idea of the tri-fuel system is still too advanced, even 15 years after the debut. We are still trying to find more information about the truck, but the manufacturer won’t unveil it yet. The 2021 Ford Super Chief concept can appear the same as its predecessor and fans are still going to be stunned with its design.

For some while, we can hear rumors about an electric truck by the Blue Oval company. On the other hand, that could be one only one of the dimensions of driving the 2021 Ford Super Chief. Gasoline, ethanol, hydrogen cell, are other sources of power according to the first platform we saw. Engineers are not focusing only on the fuel economy, but also a better performance and greener emission standards. Fulfilling all the requirements seems to be impossible yet. The Super Chief would speed up the evolution of working trucks.

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2021 Ford Super Chief Tri-Fuel Concept

The platform drew attention to many things. However, the tri-fuel idea was the most advanced system. It still causes the raising of eyebrows. In 2016, Niyato Industries brought the first tri-flex fuel truck. However, it used gas, LPG, and CNG. Ten years before that, Ford wanted to make the Super Chief run using petrol, ethanol, and hydrogen. It cannot be compared though.

Not only the powerplant concept is being new and advanced, but also the styling. Although based on the F-250, the 2021 Ford Super Chief will bring very aggressive styling. One of the highlights is the suicide door. The box is closed and also features bedliner. Nevertheless, after so many years, designers will figure out something new to stun experts and fans again.

2021 Ford Super Chief Specs

The tri-flex fuel system is not only interesting because of the multiple sources of power. The total output is also promising a superb towing capacity. The V10 engine was supposed to be under the hood with 550 hp. However, a lot of things changed and Ford now uses smaller engines more than huge displacements. A hydrogen cell can produce 400 lb-ft of torque. It improves fuel economy and gas emissions.

So, 15 years later, we can’t figure out what to expect from the 2021 Ford Super Chief. The truck will be mighty, that is for sure. All other things are under the question mark for now.

Release Date, Pricing

Advanced systems are eye-catching. But, development and production would cost a lot. So, even if the 2021 Ford Super Chief becomes reality, the price will back off most of the buyers. Some experts say the MSRP won’t start under $100,000. Well, the all-electric F-150 is also going to be close to that. Also, Crew Cab + King Ranch options are making the F-250 cost $60,000. So, the tri-fuel system and advanced upgrades, such as suicide doors, bed liner, and tonneau covers might push the Super Chief’s cost closer to $150k.

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