2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel: Yes or No?

The answer is short: NO! No matter how many fans are there wishing to see this coming, Toyota will keep its word. Well, on the other hand, engineers are occupied with another project – the I-Force Max turbocharged V6 petrol unit. So, the 2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel is not an option for next season.

How it is going to affect the truck’s position in the market? Well, not good. Ford, Ram, and Chevy launched full-size pickups with a diesel engine. And Toyota keeps disappointing their fans. On the other hand, the Japanese company never said it is going to happen. But, we believed in the 2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel as a response to the growing competition.

2021 toyota tundra diesel redesign


The 2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel would add another dimension to the existing lineup. More torque and a better fuel economy are what these units are offering. Also, improved towing capacity is definitely one of the biggest reasons why it should become available. Trucks are surviving thanks to their utility, and such an engine will definitely improve this realm. Finally, fans of the off-road adventures were eager to see the combination of the engine and the TRD Pro package. Tundra is already nearly unstoppable when equipped with this equipment.


The overall cost of a diesel engine is now shown only in the starting price. Yes, the improved fuel economy is a good thing, but maintenance and development are very expensive. First of all, Toyota would need to make an engine that will meet US requirements. The first option is to create a new unit. The other solution is to improve efficiency ratings on one of the existing drivetrains. Either way, a big investment is needed.

2021 toyota tundra diesel towing capacity

2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel vs Competition

We won’t compare possible drivetrains and outputs, since all the current engines need a revisit before stepping in the US market. But, if we throw a glance at other pickups, we might get a picture of what to expect. All big three American truckmakers decided to go out with a 3.0-liter turbodiesel unit. Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevy Silverado 1500 are delivering between 260-280 horsepower and 450-480 lb-ft of torque. The only model stepping up from this realm is Nissan Titan XD with 330 hp and 555 lb-ft, but it is a larger truck, which we can position between full-size and heavy-duty classes.

We expect the 2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel to have a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds and more. Silverado is falling behind others with 9,500 pounds, while its archrivals can haul 12,000 lbs. Well, that is one of the reasons why Ram 1500 overtook the #2 position in sales.

2021 toyota tundra diesel

If not in 2021, When Will Toyota Tundra Diesel Arrive

The new generation of the truck is on the way. The focus is on the new I-Force Max engine, which will replace an old V8. The release date of the new Tundra is not unveiled yet, but the entire development is going smoothly. Fans were not waiting for too long between the first rumors and the official statement. If everything goes right, the next-gen pickup is arriving as the 2023 model. By that time, we will know more about diesel plans.

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