Latest News: 2021 VW Tarok is a Pickup Truck for the US

Amarok is definitely not the truck we will see in North America. For a long time, Tanoak was a popular concept. However, the pickup based on the Atlas SUV is now under a question mark. The 2021 VW Tarok could be the truck the German company will deliver to their US fans.

Outside the largest pickup market in the world, Volkswagen is very popular thanks to the abilities of the Amarok. The diesel engines emission scandal slowed down the expansion in North America. But, the company is restoring the image with electric concepts and new vehicles. The Tarok concept is not so fresh. The pickup is being produced already for the Brazilian market. Nevertheless, the version for North America will be revisited before debuting as the 2021 VW Tarok.

2021 VW Tarok concept

2021 VW Tarok Concept, Dimensions, Capabilities

The new platform was introduced in Brazil two years ago. Volkswagen is still trying to find a way to the US market. It is not so simple, although the 2021 VW Tarok seems to be the perfect addition. The truck belongs to the mid-size segment. Currently, this class is pretty hot. Some of the well-known companies decided to launch their pickups and now Jeep Gladiator and Ford Ranger are serious competitors.

The premiere of the crossover caused a lot of interest. However, the 2021 Tarok is going to be built on the unibody architecture. Such trucks are not so popular in the US. We can see only Honda Ridgeline offering the sportier platform. Well, the sales records will show that the move is not paying off, although there is no competition if you take this segment only. Truckers will rather pick a body-on-frame pickup, because of the extra durability and better towing capacity.

2021 VW Tarok Pickup Truck

Engines, Specs

There are a few options for the 2021 VW Tarok engine room. Well, the vehicle in Brazil is using a 1.4-liter unit with 150 horsepower. This is not a bad start and the powerplant can consume ethanol as well. A six-speed automatic transmission sends power to all wheels. The 4MOTION system is the only option. In the US, we could also see the 2WD.

Another option for South America is a diesel unit. It is not going to be available in the United States. However, its specs are pretty impressive with 150 hp and massive torque.

Volkswagen will rather develop an electric version of the truck. The ID concept is there, but we still lack crossovers and SUVs. Nevertheless, the carmaker could expand the architecture and adapt it to working mules. It is not going to be strange, with Ford also announcing the EV will join the lineup soon. Tesla Cybertruck didn’t stun us as we expected.

2021 VW Tarok release date

2021 VW Tarok Release Date

The biggest question about the new pickup is if it is arriving at the US shores. We still don’t have an answer, but Volkswagen will have to make a move soon. The class is hot and it is the right time to get a piece of that pie. With the 2021 VW Tarok and Atlas Tanoak concepts on the stand by, we can expect either truck to debut pretty soon.

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