New Generation of Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon we can expect in 2022

If you are reading our reports, you already know that in next couple of years we won’t see dramatic changes on mid-size trucks from Chevrolet and GMC. For now, more attention is on Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. But, after the new editions of these pickups, GM will start to realize plans for Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon.

In 2019 we will see some modifications as a part of a mid-size refresh of the lineups. However, neither Colorado nor Canyon could be called redesigned. But, the new generation for both is just about to start. We found some rumors telling that two siblings will do it in 2022.

Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

When to expect a new generation of Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

Chevy launched the second generation of the truck in 2011. However, Colorado came to US soil in 2014. Together with Canyon. Since then we had few notable updates. The first was in 2016 when GMC reinstalled their infotainment system. Modern technologies forced it to implement Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features as the standard offer.

Meanwhile, engineers in Chevrolet made a new edition of their mid-size truck. The base was kept, and ZR2 version is made for better off-road performance. Ever since, the company launched few additional editions, such as RedLine.

Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

An 8-year life is quite long in the automotive industry, so the debut of new generation models of Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon could come during 2021. However, these vehicles will go to massive production early in 2022.

Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

What to expect from a new generation of Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

Expect unexpected. We can’t talk about features and details. General Motors will try to make these trucks better. New infotainment system doesn’t need a confirmation, it’s a must for both pickups. Visual appearance could get some updates. However, the new platform is not needed. Well, additional colors for exterior would refresh the styling. A boost of the mileage and power outputs would be welcomed by drivers.

Diesel engines could be there to compete Ford F-150. If we see hybrid trucks by the time of their release, be sure that both Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon will offer a plug-in variant. Finally, new trims and options will be clearer after 2020.

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