Tesla Teases Pickup Truck Concept

If you missed the promotion of Tesla semi-truck then you missed a lot. After the premiere, nothing is going to be the same. However, we must think beyond this debut. After semi-truck, it is logical to see a Tesla Pickup Truck Concept. The all-electric vehicle would be a huge step. This is especially important because we still don’t have a hybrid. But, Ford is about to change this with F-150.

Tesla Truck is in plans of the company for a while. After sedan and the first crossover, we will see Model Y as the second SUV from this company. Then come truck and a roadster. At the end of this development process is a minibus. With a premiere of the semi-truck, Tesla is fulfilling its goals.

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept News

The debut of the semi-truck was used for new announcements. But, it was just an official statement of what we already knew from rumors. Tesla’s CEO presented a pickup truck. We could see sketches and the first views. But, it looks like more as children drawing than a serious concept. However, on the other side, Tesla probably doesn’t want to share details about the new platform.

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Dimensions

Tesla used Ford F-150 to present their vehicle. The legendary truck was in the bed of Tesla Pickup Truck Concept. In this image, everyone is surprised with plans for dimensions of the upcoming vehicle. If Ford’s truck can lay in the bed, then the length of Tesla’s Pickup will be at least 350 inches. F-150 is 209 inches long in its shortest variant, with 6.5′ box. The longest one has 250 inches between front and rear point.

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Model sketch

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Specs

Of course, the Tesla Pickup Truck Concept will run on all-electric power. But, with unreal specs of the semi-truck, what to expect from a regular pickup? As Tesla CEO presented, semi-truck can sprint to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. A lighter vehicle will definitely do it faster. Conventional trucks can do it in about 15 seconds. Fully loaded, Tesla’s new vehicle can sprint to 60 mpg in just 20 seconds, compared to 1 minute needed by classic diesel or petrol pickup. Finally, the range of big truck is 500 miles. New Tesla Pickup Truck Concept will bring lighter and smaller vehicle, so all numbers will get a boost and even better outputs.

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Model P

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Styling

What we could see on the premiere of the semi-truck, the Tesla Pickup Truck Concept is more a caricature. But, the US company probably wants to tease all their fans and enthusiasts. This model is not yet in plans. We can’t have predictions with Tesla. To compare regular pickup with semi-truck, we doubt there will be similarities. The company is always innovative. Every vehicle is special, so there is no doubt that new Pickup Truck Concept will get a unique look.

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