VW Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept

This year’s Auto Show in Detroit was in the brought world’s debuts of many trucks. We can say that Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 stole the show. Other companies were present as well. On the other hand, pickup trucks were overshadowed at recent Auto Show in New York. But, two of them stand there without major competition. Surprisingly, Volkswagen presented their VW Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept. The other truck in NY was GMC Sierra AT4 model. But, we will talk more about VW’s intention to step into the truck market.

We already wrote about platforms and ideas the German carmaker has for pickup segment. But now, it is more realistic to happen. However, the appearance so soon after scandal with diesel engines’ emissions is a real surprise. But, it shows how strong and firm Volkswagen is. Also, it drew a lot of attention, so there is no doubt that development will now go faster. Optimists can expect the VW Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept to turn into production vehicle in 2020.

VW Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept

VW Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept Specs

Few details we already know about VW Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept. It will get power from the 3.6-liter V-6 engine that is capable to deliver 280 horses. With it, Atlas Tanoak will sprint to 60 mph in about eight seconds. Also, the truck should return about 260 pound-feet of torque. Towing capacity numbers of the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck are not available yet.

The engine sends energy to an eight-speed gearbox. Further, it uses two- or four-wheel drive. Ground clearance of nearly 10 inches will help this truck to move across any obstacles. For the improved off-road drive, it is going to use the 4Motion AWD. Already proven, we don’t have to worry how it will fit a new pickup.

VW Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept rear

VW Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept Styling

The VW Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept would be a refresh of the boring market. The priority in the build of these working mules is not the design. Carmakers are paying more attention to durability and performance. So, from what we saw in New York, Volkswagen will have a good starting position with new Atlas Tanoak. Both ends of the truck are modern, aggressive, and distinctive. LED lighting in making pickup so futuristic.

Lights go across the horizontal bars of the grille. Air intakes on the side of the front bumper are also having a LED line around it. The rear end also doesn’t save light bars. The double whole-wide lighting we can rather expect on some exotic car or crossover. But on the truck, it is a radical move.

VW Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept interior

VW Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept Future

Volkswagen will definitely launch a pickup truck. The VW Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept is the most serious platform we saw so far. On the other hand, as with all conceptual vehicles, a lot of changes and modifications will happen before its final premiere. So, we can’t expect the same vehicle to see on streets in two or more years. However, we saw something that is very close to the production truck. We just hope VW is not going to make another mistake, as with diesel emissions.

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