2019 Best Pickup Truck Models

If you are looking for a show-off vehicle, then probably the best option is to search an exotic car. If you need safety from its vehicle, then crossovers could be the best solution. Sedans can offer good fuel economy, while hatchbacks are very functional because of the extra space for cargo. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a vehicle that has it all at high levels, then pickup trucks are the perfect decision. Why? Reasons are numerous.

First of all, safety. Trucks are big, powerful vehicles. Being larger from others means advantage if bad things happen. The same correlation is in the car industry when crashes happen. Furthermore, safety measures and features are on a higher level because of the working essence.

Then, we are coming to functionality in tough conditions. Big engines and 4×4 driving modes provide more power, better traction, and balance. That is exactly what you need in wet and muddy terrain. Trucks will get you out of something that is a dead-end for all other classes of vehicles. Finally, there are toughest conditions during winter, and you will be grateful to have such power in your wheels when the road is a slip.

Besides safety and functionality, trucks are spacious. You can use it for work, or for everyday commuting. All companies are offering various cab configurations and cab lengths. If you want to tow more, then you pick small cab and a longer bed. If you travel a lot, then spacious 2-row trucks provide enough comfort, leaving plenty of room at the back for cargo.

These are just a few advantages of pickups. Trucks are versatile, depending on company and models. In review, we will try to show more details which make these kinds of vehicles so special. It is probably better to say this is the best class in the entire automotive industry.

2019 Best pickup trucks

Best Pickup Trucks for upcoming 2019 model year

We’ve been investigating and gathering information about upcoming trucks for a while. Among many rumors and sources, we’ve found which are the most reliable. According to these details, we will try to show all truckers and fans what to expect from the 2019 year season. However, our goal is to introduce changes on certain models and to publish every information about popular trucks.

We’ve included all types of pickups. You will find reviews about small, compact, and subcompact models; then we are showing you the best vehicles in the mid-size segment; and, of course, there is top of the class, full-size trucks.

Also, we are searching and publishing information from every of the most popular truck-makers. Ford, Chevy, Honda, Toyota, and others, are preparing a lot of innovations and changes for 2019 season. We will analyze and share all important details we find in mission. Stay tuned and you won’t miss a thing with 2019trucks.com.

2019 Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor

Ford is a leader in truck segment. Not only overall, but also in every class. Their trucks are reliable and durable, so excellent sales records are not a surprise. In compact segment Ford had Ranger model. However, US buyers haven’t seen it since 2011. Also, some rumors reported about the replacement with F-100 small pickup. But, 2019 Ford Ranger is returning with variety of engines. There will be diesel, EcoBoost, and naturally-aspirated I-4. The US carmaker will play smart, and make new Ranger capable to tow at least 7,000 pounds. However, designers will drop Regular cab, and start the lineup with 2-door Super Cab configuration. Alternative will be a Super Crew model with 4-door styling.

2019 Ford Ranger

While regular Ranger is coming back to US, Australian market expects a spectacle. With 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor, even fans in US will be envy. This pickup will be available worldwide, except in North America. The first spy shots are already taken, but heavy camouflage is hiding most details. Nevertheless, it is sure that Raptor, based on T6 concept is coming in 2019. We will follow rumors and bring all important information about this truck.

Some information about Ranger Raptor version you can read here.

2019 Ranger Raptor Spy Shot

2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup – Jeep Scrambler

After many years of speculation, now it is official – the Jeep Pickup Truck is coming. However, while everyone expected to see Wrangler, it will come as the Scrambler model. Older truckers and fans know that Jeep produced a pickup with the same name in first half of 80’s. Return was eagerly waited, and now we can officially confirm that 2019 Jeep Scrambler trucks is coming.

Under the hood of the pickup will be a 3.0-l turbo-diesel V-6. Nevertheless, it is still not late for petrol engine and possibly 2.0-l Hurricane drivetrain. A mid-size truck is going to be able to tow maximum 6,500 pounds. Spy shots of this model unveiled 3-piece top, huge side mirrors, and aggressive bumper. Although 4-door vehicle is in photos, we expect different cab configurations for 2018 Scrambler, including 2-door cabin.

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2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup

2019 Chevrolet Silverado And GMC Sierra – Fourth Generation

Ford and Chevy are major rivals in muscle car class. Nevertheless, same importance as Mustang-Camaro battle, has competition between F-150 and Silverado. The third equal rival in US is GMC with its Sierra. In 2019 we will see a fourth generation of Chevrolet’s truck, as well as its mechanical sibling from General Motors.

After a redesign in 2014, we are lacking improvements for Silverado. That’s why a company decides to make a big turnaround with many changes. The new platform brings new frame. This will lead to updates of powertrain lineup. Boosts on current engines and a new one will be there to improve driving impression and fuel efficiency. An 8- or 10-speed gearbox will route power to 2019 Chevrolet Silverado wheels.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado

As its Chevy cousin and Ford F-150, the 2019 GMC Sierra will have a diesel engine for the upcoming season. However, there is no trustful information about displacement and performance. Opinions from experts are in conflicts between 4.5-l Duramax V-8, and 2.8-l turbo-four diesel drivetrain.

Both Silverado and Sierra will bring many novelties in design and updates in the cabin. Since the truck segment is growing, some trims will be comfortable as sedans, with the latest hi-tech features and infotainment systems.

2019 GMC Sierra diesel

2019 RAM 1500 – New Generation

Not only that Chevy and GMC are preparing new generations of their trucks. Also, 2019 Ram 1500 is also in final phases of development and it will be a new model. Sales increase of almost 4 percent last year was the trigger to speed up the process. The new truck will have refreshed design and new parts. A lot of lightweight materials are used for body panels, and it is going to lead to better fuel economy. With this knowledge, can we expect some surprising MPG rate?

Nevertheless, new Ram 1500 is not going to sacrifice its performance. Huge 5.7-l V-8 guarantees at least average specifications. However, a new generation could bring even further novelties, and some rumors are mentioning hybrid pickup.

2019 RAM 1500

2019 Ford F-150 – What to Expect?

We didn’t forget about the best-selling vehicle in the segment. The F-150 is always interesting. One of the reason is smart marketing from Ford. Nevertheless, we are talking about it now, because no big changes are coming for this vehicle in 2019. The upcoming season will bring some notable changes to the most popular pickup in the US. But, 2019 Ford F-150 will be refreshed with minor details and slight upgrades.

The major change could come with hybrid truck. This would drop in shadow all other models and companies. After release of the diesel model, there is only plug-in segment left for Ford to conquer. With F-150 it is going to be much easier than with any other model.

2019 Ford F-150 Hybrid

2019 Ford Super Duty getting small design changes and new powertrain

Although F-150 is the most popular light-duty truck in the US, Ford is making bigger units. Its heavy and super duty segment are cementing the spot as an overall leader in the truck market. For the 2019 year designers are not going to have a lot of work. Ford will pay more attention to performance. We will see new engines for 2019 Ford Super Duty-class. All three models, F-250, F-350, and F-450 will have a 10-speed transmission paired with the drivetrain. It is not confirmed yet, but the best option for the energy source is a 6.7-l V-8 Power Stroke engine.

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2019 Ford Super Duty

2019 Nissan Frontier

US truckmakers are dominating on home soil in truck segment. Undoubtfully, Japanese companies are closer than ever to change the pecking order. Some truckers are already driving Nissan’s trucks, and according to feedbacks, there are many advantages over US-made pickups. One of the models which are the major threat to the supremacy of Ford, GMC, and Chevy will be 2019 Nissan Frontier.

With production in Mississippi, Nissan will cut the costs. So, 2019 year model is going to bring us attractive price. This is a clever move by the Japanese company, but probably not enough to get to the top. However, new Frontier will establish itself as a foreign truck leader.

Among many changes, we would like to mention better safety system and infotainment. Also, the redesign will bring more attractive exterior. Finally, drivers are going to get a better help from assist features.

2019 Nissan Frontier Mississippi plant

2019 Toyota Tundra

Another big rival to US trucks is Toyota Tundra. However, it seems like it doesn’t have chances, since sales leader from this company, in pickup segment is Tacoma. However, long tradition and persistence are leaving this model in production. We don’t want to say that truck is part of history already, but it loses pace with the competition.

So, 2019 Toyota Tundra will have big importance, and Japanese carmaker knows that. For upcoming season many changes will be applied. Recently, we could see off-road TRD package working perfectly with Tundra. This gave a swing to the lineup, and the pickup could be the biggest surprise in 2019.

2019 Toyota Tundra TRD

2019 Toyota Tacoma

Unlike Tundra, 2019 Toyota Tundra is not expected to revive the name. Contrary, this model is growing, also thanks to TRD package. The upcoming truck will get a refresh, which will make it competitive until next big update.

Engineers in Toyota are not going to work on the new engine yet. For 2019 season we will rather see various tuning on suspension, axles, and shocks. These changes should improve off-road capabilities, toughness, and durability. Also, handling and maneuvering on the road are going to be much easier.

2019 Toyota Tacoma off-road

2019 Chevrolet Colorado

While Chevy is keeping its Silverado as one of the most powerful pickups on the road, they also have an excellent mid-size model. It is Colorado, and for 2019 we will see a lot of new stuff from this truck. We know that model will get few more interior colors, as well as paint jobs for the exterior. Powertrain remains the same. Interior equipment expects update.

But, these are standard changes for every new model. Significant changes could come up front. According to some rumors, the nose is suffering changes. Grille, headlights, bumper, and hood are getting a new look. We will wait for official information to share as soon as appears. Finally, a new generation of this model is confirmed for 2022, and this redesign could be part of preparations for it.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado

2019 Honda Ridgeline – Possible Type R

It’s been a while since we heard stories about performance-tuned Honda Ridgeline. Nevertheless, Type-R is now more likely to happen than ever. After Civic, fans are trying to guess which can be the next vehicle to get this special treatment. Of course, truckers would like to see 2019 Honda Ridgeline.

The Type R will be capable to make 450 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. Drivetrain from standard Ridgeline would be the base. Nevertheless, a 3.5-l V-6 is going to need upgrades. With a turbocharger, direct injection system, VTEC and special camshafts, this truck could become a 450-hp-rated beast. Another interesting fact about 2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R is that pickup is coming with a manual transmission.

Styling will support aggressiveness, make by a powerful engine. Type R will bring a lot of details painted in red all over the cabin. Exterior changes are going to be only cosmetic. Some parts will get a sportier look, but it is easy to recognize Ridgeline under these details.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R

2019 Nissan Titan

The 2019 Nissan Titan is going to fill the spot in the full-size class. It is not so popular as Frontier, but this is a second best-selling truck from Japanese carmaker. For 2019 season we still don’t have confirmation about new Titan, but there are interesting rumors. For example, the Warrior concept could improve off-road skills of the pickup. This platform was presented in 2015 by the well-known Nissan tuner Nismo. Since then all fans hope for the production model. The concept is shown wider and higher truck than Titan XD. It will also use Cummins turbo-diesel V-8 engine and custom suspension, capable of better off-road performance.

2019 Nissan Titan Warrior

2019 GMC Canyon

The main product in 2019 for GMC is going to be Sierra pickup. Nevertheless, this company will refresh other models in its lineup. However, 2019 GMC Canyon is not going to bring major changes. Cosmetic updates of the exterior and new infotainment system are probably the biggest thing we will see. More modifications fans can expect from Denali model. As always, this version is attractive because of its modern features and Duramax diesel engine. It also adds more power and torque, so overall performance is more impressive.

2019 GMC Canyon Denali