TOP 10 – The Most Reliable Trucks Of All Time

Reliability and durability are two things that come along with pickup trucks. These that have such parts and engines have nothing to expect on the market. During the last few decades, we witness the improvements in every segment. Trucks in the 60s and 70s, pickups from 80s and 90s, and modern trucks can’t be compared. Nowadays, there are many improved vehicles, with better safety, long-serving engines, and almost indestructible body. That is why most reliable trucks of all time are still in production.

But, in recent history, we had few models that draw attention and bought hearts of truckers. Even if they are not available at the moment, some will be remembered as the most reliable trucks of all time. From our readers’ experience, reviews from other forums, and experts’ opinions, we will try to make a list of the 10 most reliable trucks of all time.

The Most Reliable Trucks Of All Time

#10 Suzuki Equator

Although it doesn’t exist anymore, the Suzuki Equator was one of the toughest trucks in its prime. In four years of production, the Japanese company set some serious challenges to more recognizable companies. Well, the pickup’s success did not last for too long. The Suzuki Equator was a rebadged version of Nissan Frontier. However, it is remembered as the only Suzuki truck in this decade, and it seems like the Japanese truckmaker won’t try anything similar in foreseeable future.

#9 Dodge Dakota

Another truck that does not exist anymore, but could come back into production. The FCA, owner of Ram, Dodge, and Fiat, will use a Fiat Fullback as the base for the revival. Ever since it was discontinued in 2011 fans in the US are asking about its return. All three generations of the mid-size pickup truck were so reliable that even seven years after the end of production, Dakota is one of the most reliable trucks of all time.

2019 Dodge Dakota

#8 Chevy Colorado

This one still exists. And it is a leading truck in a mid-size segment. This is not by chance since Chevrolet is putting a lot of effort into the development of new features and innovations. Whatsoever, the Chevy Colorado is here for 15 years. Its reliability, functionality, and modern appearance made the truck survive the economic crisis and big downfall of the automotive market. Truckers that don’t require too much power are an option for this one, rather than its bigger sibling Silverado.

#7 Toyota Tacoma

The Japanese company is one of the rare intruders that spoils US-based truckmakers party. Toyota Tacoma was a truck of the year in 2005, voted by Motor Trend magazine. Ever since it is raising. Nowadays, if you plan to go off-road, Tacoma is one of the most reliable trucks which won’t let you down. If you add a TRD Pro package, the fun is guaranteed. Sales of Toyota Tacoma exceed 200,000 unit annually.

#6 Chevy Silverado 1500

One of the best-known Chevrolet’s product is also one of the most reliable trucks of all time. That is why this pickup is so long-lasting in the market. Plenty of trim levels and options let you upgrade the pickup for 20 years. Chevy Silverado will allow you to solve all challenges, on and off the road. Now, with a diesel engine, it is going to be even more reliable and durable.

#5 Ford F-150

Silverado’s archrival, Ford F-150 is the best-selling US truck of all time. In 2017 the Blue Oval company sold just shy of 900,000 units, while there were 600,000 buyers of Silverado. The first truck came out in 1948. The F-150 kept upgrading its legendary status with the quality ride and indestructible engines. Its reliability is hard to match. However, we rank it at No5 since the company launches new models every year. So, recently, buyers are replacing its trucks without pushing it to the limits of its durability.

2019 Ford F-150 diesel

#4 Ford Ranger

During the first few years of the new millennium, mid-size trucks were more popular than nowadays. Older truckers remember the Ford Ranger as one of the best vehicles they could purchase. Nevertheless, the economic crisis and new trends made the sales go down, and the US company discontinued this pickup. This was a mistake and the recent comeback of the 2019 Ford Ranger should make it up to older fans. If the pickup brings back its old habits, expect from your ride to last for a long period of time.

#3 Nissan Titan

The growth of the Nissan Titan started with the second generation in 2015. Until then, the truck was not the true competitor to Ford, Chevy, and Ram. But, the new platform and design made it tougher. It also encouraged Nissan to step into a bigger segment – heavy-duty trucks with its Titan XD. Products of Japanese carmaker are slightly cheaper, but the reliability and durability are at the same level as for other leading trucks in full-size class. That is the main reason why we listed it so high in our list.

#2 Ram 1500

Each generation of the Ram 1500, formerly known as Dodge Ram truck, was named with Truck Of the Year award by Motor Trend magazine. Now, in 2019, the fifth generation is going to conquer once again. Does anyone suspect the Ram 1500 is not winning this award again? Being a No2 in our list might be a subjective opinion. But, each of previous four generations of the pickup lasted for about 10 years. The Ram 1500 is so durable that it doesn’t need frequent updates. We can list this pickup as one of the most innovative models of all time since it will introduce a mild-hybrid drivetrain already in 2019.

#1 Chevy Avalanche is No1 the Most Reliable Trucks Of All Time

Chevy Avalanche is the No1 in our list of top ten most reliable trucks of all time. It is a big surprise why the company discontinued it. It is also a big surprise why it is not bringing it back. Well, drop in sales are definitely behind the removal of the Avalanche from production. But, ever since we couldn’t find the vehicle that is so good for transporting and towing at the same time. Well, the truck was not the best in the class in hauling, but you could always bring enough items for a family trip, while the occupants in the cabin can rely on the maximum comfort. According to some rumors, the pickup is coming back next year.

2019 Chevy Avalanche concept