2025 KIA Tasman First Details, US Release Date, Towing Capacity

The 2025 KIA Tasman is the latest new truck that will hit the US market. For some while, we all knew that Korean company is joining the pickup segment, but all the rumors about Mojave, Mohave and Telluride concepts were speculations. Now, when the truck is caught testing, the manufacturer has to share some info. Tasman is the name for the pickup and the first tests are run in its homeland. Kia Australia is the first department to provide details about the upcoming vehicle, so we might see the debut in this country first. The US branch is still not unveiling release date plans.

The truck will use a new architecture. It won’t be based on Telluride or Mohave SUVs. Instead, the 2025 KIA Tasman platform will support hybrid engines and even complete electrification. Not only the truck but also many SUVs will become EVs. This is not happening in 2025, though. On spy shots we see the vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The Tasman is the embodiment of the work in the past 20 years, ever since the first rumor about the Kia truck emerged. There were a lot of speculations, but the launch is now closer than ever.

2025 KIA Tasman spied

What We Know About the 2025 KIA Tasman?

The Korean manufacturer is working on a pickup truck for a long time. The first signs of development started early in 2000s. The Mojave truck was an interesting concept, but it never entered the production. The economic crisis made manufacturers discontinuing their pickups and this segment faced a tough time. Kia transferred funds and manpower to other projects.

After the revival of the midsize truck class, more speculations about the Kia truck started floating around. Among others, the most interesting were the pickup based on the Telluride SUV. Also, the Mohave SUV was interesting because of the body-on-frame architecture. The 2025 KIA Tasman needs a ladder frame rather than the unibody concept to be more competitive.

Spy photos of the new truck are available, but those are not unveiling what kind of a platform is underpinning the 2025 KIA Tasman. The name is confirmed. Since the vehicle is being tested, that means the development is in advanced stages. The launch is planned for 2024. Since the news is coming from Australia and Korea, so we believe the truck is debuting there. Tasman sounds like something that should be so Australian. Anyhow, Kia will have to head to the US market, with this nameplate or some other badge.

2025 KIA Tasman spy photo

Under the Hood

A 3.8-liter V6 engine is the best fit for the pickup truck. Kia is using it on the largest SUV, Telluride. It can deliver 291 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. The SUV tows up to 5,500 pounds, but the 2025 KIA Tasman needs more. Engineers will have to push the limits at least to 6,500 lbs. The towing capacity will also depend on the architecture. With a ladder frame, the Tasman will be able to haul more. Leaders in the segment are doing 7,700+. The body-on-frame architecture will probably switch to the RWD since the company uses FWD as the standard configuration. AWD will be available.

We must consider a turbo-four as an optional setup, or even a base configuration. Such a system can deliver the same level of power but consumes less gas than a V6. This is a trend in the trucking industry and the midsize segment. On the other hand, the downside is a worse performance off the road and turbo lags which drivers don’t like.

The 2025 KIA Tasman hybrid is another option we might see. The Korean company could be a pioneer since other truckmakers are reluctant to take a risk with hybrid trucks. Carnival minivan is about to get this system soon and the truck can borrow the configuration. Of course, Kia is also considering an all-electric pickup. However, this one is not coming out in 2025.

2025 kia tasman concept

When Will 2025 KIA Tasman Be Available?

The release date of the 2025 KIA Tasman is set for the Q4 of 2024. Nevertheless, this is the info only for Korea or Australia. The truck has been spotted in its homeland, while only the Australian department gave out details about the new arrival. Information about US release date is yet to be announced. We assume the pickup is debuting by the end of 2024.

From spy shots experts assume the Kia Tasman is going to be a midsize model. That means a tougher competition in the United States. Hyundai is building a compact pickup and their only rival is Ford Maverick. More models are to be launched. The price of the Kia truck will probably be under comps. That way the company is going to draw attention. It is a proven recipe from crossover and SUV classes.

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