2018 BMW Pickup Truck Concept Release Date

It is just a rumor, clearly. But, don’t take it so easy. For a while, we are seeing concepts showing something that could be a pickup truck from BMW. From tuned sedans to crossovers, it is obvious that entire car industry would love to see a pickup. The 2018 BMW Pickup Truck could be the response. Could be is the key word since the company is still quiet about it.

Let’s go back to rumors. Back in 2011, we could see a concept of M3 truck. This is surely a joke and no fan can imagine it on the road. Now, with crossover range growing so fast, and trucks getting closer to design, BMW Pickup Truck is not so unrealistic. However, it is not so easy to transform an SUV into the truck by cutting the cabin and turning it into bed.

2018 BMW Pickup Truck


Major rivals of BMW are also preparing trucks. With Mercedes-Benz X-Class and Audi pickup, we will see a new dimension of this segment. German carmakers are not leaders only in Europe, but also in many segments in the US. However, so far, there were no plans about stepping in into truck segment. If this happens, and it will sooner or later, all three companies won’t give other one advantage. So, it is just a matter of time which of these companies will present the first model.

2018 BMW Pickup Truck Platform

Although we already saw a sedan turned into the pickup, it is not likely for BMW truck to borrow the platform from M3. We could see x5 pickup truck rather than any other model. The crossover is versatile and attractive, and its concept is the best match for a new vehicle.

2018 BMW Pickup Truck M3

2018 BMW Pickup Truck Engine and Specs

The X5 SUV is an excellent solution as a base for 2018 BMW Pickup Truck because of the many reasons. Not only that vehicle could offer a platform that could be turned into the pickup, but also because of its engine choices.

The BMW truck is going to carry a V-6 engine as a standard unit. Nevertheless, the crossover has a V-8 also, so upper trims of pickup could see it under the hood. That is not all since diesel drivetrain is also in the mix for 2018 pickup. All engines have turbocharger with it, helping them deliver more power. Base V-6 is good for 300hp, big V-6 can make 450 hp, while diesel sits at 250 hp, but with high torque output.

Fuel economy

Too much power has its cost in mpg rating. Engines of X5 SUV are not so fuel friendly, so 2018 BMW Pickup Truck will probably have some alternatives. Plain powertrains, without turbochargers, will consume less fuel, but the output is then lower.

2018 BMW Pickup Truck Price

With so many similarities, fans can see a price tag of BMW X5 on 2018 BMW Pickup Truck. But, we doubt that German carmaker can succeed in a new segment with a starting price of $50,000. The downgrade of many options and engines are must, and cost should be positioned under $40,000.

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