2018 Renault Alaskan Price, Specs, Diesel

When French and Japanese carmakers joined their forces, entire car industry knew that something special is coming. Renault is well-known for its stylish vehicles. Nissan is a synonym for durable and reliable engines. When they combine their powers, we get 2018 Renault Alaskan – powerful and stylish working truck.

Nissan is not failing when it is about the drivetrain. So, 2018 Alaskan superb driving comfort will lure many truckers all around the world. The spacious, elegant, and functional cabin is a work of Renault men. It is not easy to find anything to complain about inside the pickup. Although putting enough power, driving the truck is not always so comfortable. The automatic transmission is not working so smoothly as we are expecting. Also, steering and maneuvering could be better. At least, we used to it on Nissan trucks.

2018 Renault Alaskan

2018 Renault Alaskan Changes and Equipment

The styling of the 2018 Renault Alaskan reminds us in some areas on Nissan Frontier. However, these are just some details on the back. Also, there is no variety of models as its sibling offers. Up front, the Alaskan pickup is more similar to Koleos SUV from the same company. Bold grille and fog lights are two things we will find very familiar with the crossover. Body styles for Renault’s truck are the same as another Nissan pickup has in its lineup – Navara. This will provide enough room for passengers in the rear row of the double-cab variant.

Cabin and Features

Interior of the Renault Alaskan is copied from Navara. Complete layout is carried over to French truck. So, whoever sat in Nissan’s vehicle knows what to expect. But, this is not too bad. Both vehicles are praised for its simplicity. Controls are easy to reach. Also, the cabin is modern and packed with many modern features. USB and charging spot is right in the middle of the dashboard. The cluster is also visible and readable. Of course, higher trim levels are bringing bigger screens.

2018 Renault Alaskan interior

2018 Renault Alaskan Performance and Specs

The 2018 Renault Alaskan will get only one drivetrain. However, a 2.3-l diesel mill is going to have two variants. Base models will use this engine with turbocharger. It is good for 117 kW or 157 horsepower. If truckers need more power, then twin-turbo powertrain is the right solution. For the new Renault Alaskan, it can produce 140 kW or 190 hp. There are two options for transmission. Buyers will choose between a 6-speed manual and 7-speed auto.

Mileage and Specifications

The 2018 Renault Alaskan is consuming 7 l/100 km combined, with automatic transmission. This is equivalent to 33 mpg. The manual gearbox is not improving this number significantly. The truck sprints to 60 mph in just under 11 seconds, while achieving a torque of 450 Nm, or 330 lb-ft.

2018 Renault Alaskan diesel

2018 Renault Alaskan Price

The most buyers of 2018 Renault Alaskan predecessors came from South America, then Australia, UK, and Europe. Same is expected from the upcoming pickup, so the most marketing actions will happen there. We believe starting price is going to be around $30,000, as for its Nissan Navara sibling. Nevertheless, 2018 Alaskan pickup truck will have plenty of options, for the drivetrain, transmission, and cab configuration. So, its price is going to depend on the chosen type of vehicle.

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