2020 Fiat Fullback Redesign, Specs, USA

FCA is finally in the mid-size truck market. The all-new Jeep Gladiator is coming in 2020. After some while, the company decided to enter this segment in the US. In other countries, the Fiat Fullback was one of the stars. Now, it is time for a redesign to draw more buyers. The new 2020 Fiat Fullback will come early next year and its major markets are South America and Europe. The company also plans to expand sales in other regions.

Well, only a few countries will offer both 2020 Fiat Fullback and upcoming Mitsubishi L200 / Triton. The cooperation between the two companies resulted in Italians building trucks. Now, the Fullback is already one of the important players. Launched in 2016, it is time for novelties. A mid-cycle refresh and noteworthy changes will improve its chances in a larger market. Fiat will have tough competition, but cooperation with Mitsubishi and Chrysler will put it in an advantage over most rivals.

2020 Fiat Fullback

2020 Fiat Fullback Specs

There are few available drivetrains for the Fullback, depending on which market you find it. The truck’s main engine is a 2.4-liter diesel unit. That is the same powertrain the Mitsubishi L200 is using. The engine delivers 150 or 180 hp, depending on configuration. Rear-wheel drive is standard with a six-speed manual transmission. Optional configurations are using the all-wheel drive and automatic gearbox with five paces.

Some other markets will offer the 2020 Fiat Fullback with a 2.4-liter petrol unit. This one can provide 130 hp, but it comes with a 4×2 drive only. The same is with a 2.5-liter diesel. Although it is bigger than the base displacement, it can’t provide more energy. The base setup crunches 110 hp, while the upper trims can do 180 horsepower. Maximum towing capacity for the 2020 Fiat Fullback is 3,100 kg (6,800 pounds).

2020 Fiat Fullback specs

2020 Fiat Fullback Cross

The 2020 Fiat Fullback Cross will be an off-road version of the truck. Special upgrades make this pickup more capable to tow in tough terrains. Some of the parts added to the special model are a unique bumper or all-terrain tires. Sport bar will unveil this is not an ordinary model, and special liners are used to cover the bed. Skid plates are protecting the underbody. To enhance the off-road driving impression, this truck will use a rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive switches on if needed.

Inside the 2020 Fullback Cross are 6-inch touchscreen, which can be larger if you purchase Tech package. Leather seats are standard. Power-adjusting is available for driver’s bucket. Heating is standard with Cross package for front row seats. Commands are easy and phone integration via Bluetooth will increase safety.

2020 Fiat Fullback cross

2020 Fiat Fullback USA

The new 2020 Fiat Fullback is not coming to the USA. There are no too many fans of this model, although some rumors are reporting the upcoming Dodge Dakota could be a rebadged version of Fullback. With the arrival of the Jeep Gladiator, Dakota’s return is uncertain for now. Some sources the comeback is set for 2022. The 2020 Fullback will expand its offer to more Asian markets, and possibly Mexico. But, be sure that this truck is not coming to the United States or Canada any time soon.

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  1. Criteria for Compact or Mid-size Truck:
    1. A 6ft person can step into the cab without having to climb.
    2. With a 6ft person in the front seat, another 6ft person should be able to enter and sit in the rear seat in relative comfort.
    3. A 6ft person can stand beside the bed of the truck and reach the bed about the middle.
    Recommend truck makers review the demographic of truck owners. The growth in truck sales is not coming from Farmers and Construction workers. At a time when the average suburban Joe discovers the utility of a truck, American truck manufactures are designing trucks that you have to climb into and you can’t reach anything in the bed of the truck without crawling up into the bed to get it. The majority of current truck owners are from the Baby Boomer generation. We are the ones with the money. We’re not really that impressed with having to climb into a monster 4X4 anymore; and many of us are getting to the point that we can’t. We certainly can’t use our trucks to go pick up our parents and shuttle them to and from Dr. appointments; no way they can crawl into one of those rigs. And the one thing I have to carry in my truck bed, that always takes up space is a step-ladder; my artificial knees don’t do well on the ribbed bed. And why in the world would I buy a vehicle with an open bed that I can’t even touch standing beside the vehicle, much less reach anything toward the middle. Even the Honda Ridgeline is trying to vie for Monster Truck status by jacking everything up.
    Outside of the US auto makers offer Utes. And one day soon one of those manufactures is going to offer a quality Ute, that’s reasonably priced, into the US and all the makers of these jacked up mountain climbers are going to draw a vacuum as people flock to something that is functional again.
    The great majority of Baby Boomers and the Suburban Joes don’t need 5,000lb towing capacity or 2,000lb payload. We move couches, refrigerators, washers and dryers, lawn mowers, and such; the lower the bed the better. We might have a travel trailer, but even it is not likely to be a 42ft with slide-outs. The Chinese have access to more functional pickups than do Americans. I’ll be better off going to Europe and buying a Ute and having it shipped to the States than shopping here.


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