Here are the Main Reasons Why Ram Power Wagon is Not Getting a Diesel Engine (Yet)

The diesel engine is not going to be available for this year’s Power Wagon truck. Well, fans had a hope, but it seems the FCA left this arrival for the next edition. At least, we have good news about the return of the Power Wagon to the HD class. Instead of basing on high-performance, the 2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel will be a slower, but more capable truck that can go anywhere. The HD lineup already has a diesel engine under the hood, and it is just a matter of time when the Power Wagon version is getting it.

Well, a lot of tuning had to be done before we see the 2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel. Experts are sure that the company will meet the demands of its fans, although these modifications are more than complicating. Nevertheless, RAM heads into a risky job, since if they fail to deliver a reliable truck, that could be a problem. On the other hand, the disappointment of hard-core fans is also not a wise move.

2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel

Why Diesel Can’t Fit Power Wagon

The situation seems to be clear. Ram already has a powerful and durable diesel engine. Cummins units are under the hood of HD trucks. So, why 2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel is so different? This version has a winch and it is kind of trademark part. To install a straight-six diesel drivetrain, engineers would have to remove the winch. Power Wagon would lose one of its main attributes and that is a stumbling block for chiefs.

That is not all. With the new engine, further modifications are required. The new suspension would take place. This will definitely make the ride worse than for the petrol unit and its configuration. With harmed off-road capability, the 2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel would lose another trademark feature. As the truck that is oriented for a ride on tough terrains, this project has no sense. So, if fans want to see Power Wagon with a diesel engine, the sacrifice would be great. On the other hand, to fix this, the company will need a lot of work and money for development of the new chassis and suspension.

2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel winch
One of the obstacles for the diesel engine is a Power Wagon’s traditional winch.

2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel Specs

At least it is obvious what kind of drivetrain the 2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel is going to use. It is a 6.7-liter Cummins unit we can find in the rest of the HD lineup. For the Power Wagon, it is not going to allow the maximum torque over 900 pound-feet. The truck will have a limit set at around 750-800 lb-ft. Also, 400 horsepower will be enough for off-road challenges and tasks. A six-speed transmission is a power router. Owners of RAM HD trucks can opt for a manual gearbox, while the automatic is standard. The same offer will be on the table when purchasing 2020 Power Wagon HD Diesel. The company is improving versatility and driving experience, which could make up all the lacks a diesel engine is going to cause.

2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel specs
6.7L Cummins Turbodiesel Engine


And final thoughts are – how much will 2020 RAM Power Wagon HD Diesel cost? More than the petrol version for sure. The starting price for the current Ram 2500 truck is $35,000. The new Mojave Edition comes with luxurious upgrades and increases the cost by $20,000. That is where the Power Wagon starts without any options. Diesel engine adds around $10k over the petrol choice for Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 models. So, if we add such amount to the current offer, we are getting $65,000 price tag. Pretty expensive, but the Power Wagon Diesel would make a strong impact on the market. There won’t be competition for this truck until Ford launches Raptor version for the Super Duty segment, or Chevy brings ZR2 for its HD trucks.

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