Subcompact 2021 Ford Maverick Truck Review

The 2021 Ford Maverick is the latest project by the leading truckmaker in the world. After the full-size F-150 and mid-size Ranger, the company will launch a compact pickup. For some while, we believed it was going to be called Courier. Also, the comeback of Ranchero was an option. Now, it is official that the new model is Maverick.

The production of the pickup will start next season. As the smallest model in the lineup, it is going to be the most affordable vehicle in the class. We’ll see how the competition is going to respond. So far, there are no indications that GM, FCA, Toyota, or Nissan are planning moves in the compact pickup segment.

Lack of competition will show Ford if there is a future for such a vehicle. The 2021 Ford Maverick will be an urban truck that will take care of your business with its agility and supreme gas mileage.

2021 Ford Maverick

Unibody Platform

We got used to see Ford’s trucks with a ladder frame. As the matter of fact, there is only one pickup not using body-on-frame architecture. Honda Ridgeline is the slowest-selling vehicle in this segment. So, the big question mark is above the 2021 Ford Maverick – how truckers are going to accept it? Nevertheless, versatile and agile pickup will be a specialist for urban deliveries and transport. At the same time, light truck won’t consume too much fuel.

2021 Ford Maverick spy photos

2021 Ford Maverick Specs

There are a few possibilities that would perfectly fit for the 2021 Ford Maverick. A 1.5-liter three-cylinder unit is an entry-level option. The engine is capable of producing 180 hp and the Escape crossover returns 30 mpg with such unit. More power could come from a turbocharged 2.0-liter displacement. Nevertheless, engineers won’t squeeze 250 hp from it, but probably around 230 ponies. Finally, a performance edition is also likely to happen. The Maverick ST is going to borrow a 2.3-liter EcoBoost unit from its larger sibling. With it, the compact truck will be able to create 310 hp. But, the gas mileage won’t be so impressive. Of course, a hybrid unit is also possible. In this case, the fuel economy is the best, but the 2021 Maverick won’t be able to tow a lot.

Photo credits: Motor1


Opinions on the new model are split. Most fans and enthusiasts like the idea. The truck will be something different and launches the new segment. On the other hand, it is questionable if Ford is going to sell it easily. The future of trucks was questionable with the growth of the SUV class. The mid-size market recovered. But, what does the compact model offers against many versatile crossovers? Larger units were there to work and tow. Some big SUVs and crossovers are able to haul more than mid-size pickups. Also, they are more comfortable and safer than trucks.

One of the good things about the 2021 Ford Maverick is the lack of competition. The truck will share the platform with Escape crossover, so there won’t be a need for a huge investment for the project from scratches. The price will be under $15,000 which is enough to lure some attention.

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