2021 Ford Ranger Teaser Images Already Leaked!

It is still early to talk about the 2021 Ford Ranger. But, the company has already released the first teasers. Well, in two years they can change a lot about this pickup. But, after the return, we believe the mid-size truck will have special attention by engineers and designers. It wasn’t out in salons yet and experts already predicted mechanical upgrades for following seasons. Well, in 2021, Ranger will definitely get either hybrid or V6 engine. Raptor version could become part of the lineup already next year.

The comeback of the Ranger to the US market means the truck will go through revisits occasionally in the future. We can see it in this example, after only two years, there is a new model. The 2021 Ford Ranger will revisit the exterior and interior. As said, we know right from the start that the pickup is not going to offer only one engine for a long time. But, all our expectations are based on a single teaser image. Soon, we expect more details from Ford.

2021 Ford Ranger leaked image

A Story of the Teaser Image?

There is an interesting tale behind the image of the 2021 Ford Ranger. We found out that is a part of “non-disclosure agreement”. The US company shared it internally, and it somehow leaked. Thank God we have internet nowadays, and the image was up on all sites pretty soon. Ford wanted to take down this photo, but unsuccessfully. Now, we need to wait and see if they are changing the truck’s design. From what we see on the picture, they will need to do something spectacular to make the better one.

So, what can we see on the image? The new 2021 Ford Ranger is going to have a new body. Completely. Take a closer look and you will see a deep glass window. That makes the pickup very aggressive. Also, the new Ranger seems to be wider than before. Furthermore, wheel arches take the boxy look. Up front, new headlights and bold grille will draw the most attention.

2021 Ford Ranger rear

2021 Ford Ranger vs Ford Bronco

According to hints, the new 2021 Ford Ranger will use the new platform. The architecture is coming next year with the 2020 Bronco SUV. Well, this model is a real mystery. It is coming out soon and we still don’t have any leaked image or closer info. Not a single spy photo either. Ford is keeping its biggest unveil in the last couple of years pretty safe from fans and competition. So, architecture sharing is the only thing we know about the relation between Ranger and Bronco. With the arrival of the SUV, we will know more what to expect from a truck.

2020 Ford Bronco

2021 Ford Ranger V6 Engine

The new body will get the new drivetrain under the hood. Currently, the US version of the Ranger truck is using only a 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. it is capable to create 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. A V6 would add more power and towing capacity could get a boost. Whatsoever, we still don’t know which displacement Ford is going to use for its mid-size truck. A 2.7-liter EcoBoost could be the perfect match for this kind of vehicle, since not too many buyers are opting for the full-size F-150 pickup with this drivetrain.

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