2021 Ford Super Duty Changes and Updates

The Super Duty segment was updated recently, so we won’t see big changes next year. Also, the company is preparing the new generation of the best-selling truck ever, F-150, so everything else will be in the background. The 2021 Ford Super Duty is the perfect choice for hauling a big cargo.

The reasons why you should go after this heavy-duty truck are numerous. Payload and towing capacities are incredible. Also, the pickup offers petrol and diesel engines, a spacious interior with an advanced infotainment system. The trucks are light for the segment. On the other hand, most options are pretty expensive. Standard downsides of the HD segment are there – you won’t park any of the 2021 Ford Super Duty models easily in urban areas and handling is tougher than you can expect.

2021 Ford Super Duty Changes

2021 Ford Super Duty Lineup: F-250 and F-350

The 2021 Ford Super Duty trucks are F-250, F-350, and some include the F-450 model. Rivals are also present in Series 2 and Series 3 class. Still, the F-350 is the most capable model in the market, with a towing capacity of over 35,000 pounds. Plus, the same model is the most exclusive when purchased on the top trim level. The pickup belongs to the luxury class, with the price tag above $80,000.

Both, or all three models, are offering petrol and diesel units. Ford launched a new drivetrain for the Super Duty segment. We wrote about the 7.3-liter V8 long time ago. Now, it took a position of the previous gasoline powerplant.

New Engine and Specs

The abovementioned unit is capable to produce 430 hp and tow nearly 20,000 pounds, properly equipped. A ten-speed automatic gearbox is forwarding power to all wheels, or only rear axle, which is up to buyer’s preferences. A 7.3-liter displacement is the biggest in the class and no other company is offering any similar unit. We will probably find this engine in other vehicles pretty soon and the main favorite to get it is Ford Excursion.

2021 Ford Super Duty 7.3 godzilla engine

2021 Ford Super Duty Diesel

The new petrol engine is impressive. But, the best numbers will come with the Powerstroke turbodiesel engine. A 6.8-liter V8 mill is a class leader in towing capacity and torque outputs. No other truck can match its 1,000 lb-ft unless tuned in the aftermarket. The engine generates 475 hp for the 2021 Ford Super Duty, which is a 25-hp boost compared to the previous generation. With a 6th-wheel and gooseneck configuration, the F-350 can pull 35,750 pounds, which is 1,500 lbs more than the Ram 3500. The class leader is F-450 with 37,000 pounds of towing capacity.

2021 Ford Super Duty Prices

The base offer for the 2021 Super Duty starts with F-250 and the truck without options and destination will cost $34,000. F-350 adds $1,500. Six trims are available for the heavy-duty segment. Besides the XL, there are XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. The last one is sometimes called a house on the wheels, not only because of the price, but also the quality level of materials used inside the cabin. The F-450 with this package will cost at least $90,000 without fees and other taxes.

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