2021 Lexus Truck Latest Engine Update

Is the market ready for the premium pickup truck? Well, a few companies are exploring this option. One of the leading luxury brands in the automotive industry could test is pretty soon. The 2021 Lexus Truck could appear like the concept and the production might start already in 2022.

Lexus is owned by Toyota. So, the platform and drivetrains are not going to be a problem. On the other hand, luxury equipment we can find on their SUVs will be carried over to the 2021 Lexus Truck. The biggest question is the interest of buyers in premium pickups. It seems like we are about to find it out soon.

2021 Lexus truck

V6 or V8?

As Toyota’s subsidiary, the 2021 Lexus Truck is going to use one of the existing powerplants. Well, a four-pot mill is not an option for the luxury pickup. A V6 is a more likely option for starters. The question is if the carmaker will go with a smaller block, 3.5-liter, or a larger one, 4.0-l unit. In both cases, the power output will be around 300 ponies. On the other hand, buyers will expect more from the premium truck. Another option is a V8. Still, a 5.7-liter model is old and Toyota is looking for the replacement. Anyway, it is not easy to find a suitable substitute for a 380-hp rated drivetrain, which makes all company vehicles the most capable in their classes.

Well, the latest news indicates that sturdy V8 is near the end. A so-called I-Force Max is a twin-turbo configuration, but the release date is not set yet. Nevertheless, everything goes so fast. A couple of months ago the Japanese carmaker filed for the brand registration and shortly after that, the engine became official. Fans are waiting for updates since a lot of models are about to be affected with this change (Tundra, Land Cruiser, LX570).

2021 Lexus truck interior

What Will 2021 Lexus Truck Look Like?

The new model has to be aggressive, eye-catching, and bold. But, the utility comes first, as well as safety. Companies are not entering the luxury pickup market so easily since truckers are looking for hard workers. On the other hand, attractive appearance, especially if it is functional, is worth of extra investment.

Looking at the Lexus SUV lineup, we can figure out what will the truck look like. On the other hand, most of the vehicles are ready for the redesign. The carmaker will definitely use the same language and solutions for both classes.

Muscular grille, skid plates, bedliner, and all the options that come extra for Tacoma and Tundra, will be standard for the 2021 Lexus Truck. The question is how big this unit is going to be? We believe the company is not going to the full-size class, but the mid-size, meaning the truck will be based on Tacoma. Also, German carmakers are interested in this segment. Mercedes started the evolution with the X-Class, which is based on the Nissan Navara. So, the new pickup is a mid-size model. All the future arrivals will try to catch up with Mercedes, including the Lexus truck.

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