2022 Dodge Rampage Release Date

FCA means business. The company took over the second best-selling spot in the half-ton truck class, while their Jeep Grand Cherokee is the leader in its segment. Expansions are already available. The Ram 1500 got the TRX package with a mighty 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine, called Hellcat. Also, a vacant spot in the mid-size truck tier is now taken by the Jeep Gladiator. Well, that is not exactly what fans were expecting, so the FCA could make another move. The 2022 Dodge Rampage is one of the coolest concepts and options for the truckmaker.

For a long time, we are trying to figure out what is the best for the FCA. The mid-size pickup class has recovered and this company is not the only one that is testing its worth. Ford also brought back Ranger. So, another comeback could draw even more attention. The 2022 Dodge Rampage would be based on the concept that was introduced more than 15 years ago. Of course, the new truck would not have too many things in common with an old concept.

One of the main reasons is the comeback of a Dodge truck. Ram is pretty successful, but many truckers still call them Dodge Ram. So, this is a clear sign to the FCA that the old nameplates should be considered in the future. Besides Rampage, the Dodge Dakota is another comeback we could see.

2022 Dodge Rampage concept

2022 Dodge Rampage vs 2022 Dodge Dakota

With no official sources to confirm their arrivals, we must take some rumors. Definitely, Dodge fans expect their favorite brand to come back to the truck market. That is why speculations about the return of Dakota and Rampage are not fading away, even after so much time since the last time these two were available. The bad thing is – more and more Dodge vehicles are being discontinued. Only a few of them left. But, the return of either truck won’t be disappointing, especially now when the FCA showed they can compete in this segment. A mid-size truck is a perfect tier for a new model, and enthusiasts won’t have anything against either the 2022 Dodge Rampage or Dakota.

There are a few options rumors are certain about. First of all, if any of these comes back to the mid-size pickup segment, a V6 is going to be the main source of power. A 3.6-liter is a safe bet, while there is even a 3.2-liter mill to make things interesting. But, the new class emerges for the upcoming season. A compact truck world is about to introduce its first models, with Ford Maverick being tested. FCA and General Motors are not going to let Ford take the whole pie for itself, no matter how limited it is.

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2022 Dodge Rampage release date

Release Date

We are in the second half of 2021, and carmakers already announced big changes for the upcoming season. There are no details about the 2022 Dodge Rampage, so its release is under the big question mark. The company might tease fans or eventually launch a prototype. But, we already went through this, when the Rampage had a premiere in 2006. Another concept is just losing time.

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