2022 Ford Courier vs Ford Maverick: A New Era in Compact Truck Industry

Courier was the first one to appear, but the most recent reports are speaking of Maverick compact truck. Still, we can’t give up on the 2022 Ford Courier. Test mules were showing a small commercial pickup, perfect for urban deliveries. Gas mileage is in the focus. Do not expect too much power from the light truck, which will be positioned under the Ford Ranger.

One of the advantages is the lack of competition. This might be the green light for Ford to start producing the Courier. Well, there are no small trucks in the US, but the main rivals are out in South America and even Mexico with compact pickups. Chevrolet brought back the S-10, while the FCA has Ram 700 available in Latin American countries. So, it makes more sense for either Courier or the Maverick to show up.

2022 Ford Courier

2022 Ford Courier – Light Powertrain, Improved Gas Mileage, Lack of Towing Capacity

These are the tasks engineers will have to meet to make the 2022 Ford Courier competitive. Well, the gas mileage and agility are the priority. For crowded urban streets and tight parking spots, the size must be smaller than the Ranger. A turbo-four will do the job, but not a 2.3-liter unit with 300 hp that features on the mid-size truck. It is more likely to see a 1.5-liter or even a three-cylinder powerplant, enhanced by turbocharged.

The size and a small displacement will improve the fuel economy, but the towing capacity and power outputs are about to suffer. Well, for extra energy, truckers can always opt for the larger trucks, Ranger, or even the F-150. Everything about the possible drivetrain is still a speculation. We will have to wait to see how the tests are going and what kind of powertrain engineers want to use for the 2022 Courier.

2022 Ford Courier concept

Release Date, Price

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the development of the new compact truck. Still, the goal is the same, and as soon as the market recovers, we will see test mules back in action. Ford plans to launch the compact pickup late this year. The last quarter will bring the 2022 Ford Courier and the sales. The small model is going to appear with an attractive price, probably under $20,000. Just for the comparison, Chevy S-10 and Ram 700 are around $15,000 outside the US.

2022 Ford Courier spy photos

2022 Ford Courier: Verdict

The market for the 2022 Ford Courier is not big. That is why the company is not pushing too strong to bring this one, or Maverick. The same is with GM and FCA. On the other hand, these types of vehicles might be very attractive for commercial uses, especially in big cities where F-150 and Ranger are hard to maneuver.

Experts see the Courier and Maverick appearance as a failure, since even more capable trucks struggled against the versatile crossovers and SUVs. Ford will have to figure out something special to draw buyers and make them buy small trucks instead of Escape, Edge, or Explorer.

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