2022 Tesla Cybertruck is out of Reach for the Upcoming Competition

The future is not now, but now-now, if you are Elon Musk. The 2022 Tesla Cybertruck is the next-gen truck with an electric drivetrain. It is something all the leading truckmakers are dreaming of. Neither Ford nor GM, are in the market yet with the EV pickup. Well, the Cybertruck might not be exactly what most of you expected to see. But, it starts a new chapter in the evolution of working mules. The impact is immediate and you can see the 2022 GMC Hummer as the first response. Be sure that Ford is not letting it go.

For some while, some experts were sure that Rivian is going to beat Tesla. But, Elon Musk has shown again who the ruler in the electric automotive world is. The Cybertruck started the evolution of the pickup segment and other companies will try to offer something even more stunning.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Specs

The 2022 Tesla Cybertruck will be available with several battery sizes, providing more or less range. The most you can get from the EV is 500 miles. In its base form, the electric unit will be good for 250 mi. The towing capacity starts at 7,500 pounds, which is a pretty respectable output for the pioneer in this world. On the other side of the performance sheet, you will find impressive 14,000 lbs.

The bed is probably the most interesting part of the vehicle. It is 6’5’’ long and features something similar to the tonneau cover. Plus, the walls are higher. In the base form, the Cybertruck sprints to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Like the Model X Ludicrous mode, the high-output version will stop the clock before it ticks the third second. The body height is adjustable and you can lift the ride to 16 inches. This is more than enough for the most demanding off-road adventures.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck bed


This time, Tesla is not making big surprises. Their truck is using the technology we already saw on other models. Well, the orientation of the touchscreen is horizontal, not vertical. The center display is 17-inch wide. The double-cab can take up to 6 persons. You can fold the rear row and provide more space for large items that will be loaded from the bed. The 2022 Tesla Cybertruck features a Level 2 autonomous drive and a digital rearview camera.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck towing capacity


Cybertruck is still the only electric truck in the market. But, it won’t be so for much longer. General Motors announced the GMC Hummer as the electric utility vehicle. We are already stunned with its extra lift option and crab walk. We’ll see at Detroit what else is up upon the sleeve. It won’t take too long until Ford enters the market. As a leading truckmaker, the Blue Oval company can’t leave the competition to take over the segment. It might speed up the negotiations about taking over the promising project, Rivian R1T. Still, fans expected this truck a couple a years ago. Even Amazon and some other big companies recognized the potential and invested millions into the development. There are also a few other startup concepts, but nothing is close to production, especially not so soon.

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