What’s New About 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel?

It is still one of the hottest rumors in the truck market. The 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel is a big wish, but it seems like fans should forget about it. The Japanese company was very clear, announcing the oil-burner is not an option for the full-size pickup. On the other hand, Tundra’s rivals are using diesel units and make the gap bigger. Toyota will have to do something about it.

But, let’s face the facts. First of all, the truck is heading to the new generation. According to inside sources, the all-new Tundra will be launched as 2023 YM. Another thing that makes us believe this is true. The manufacturer is preparing a new engine, and it is not an oil-burner. The I-Force Max is about to replace the sturdy V8. Also, if the company is after something else than a gasoline drivetrain, that would rather be a hybrid or even all-electric configuration. So, the chances of the 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel happening are very slim. But, fans will keep the faith until the end.

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel trd pro

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel: Pros and Cons

A diesel engine will definitely add an option to buyers. But, there are some things we have to consider – this is the dying type of powertrains. Oil-burners will soon become a part of automotive history. So, developing a new unit for a short period of time is a waste of resources. On the other hand, modifying some of the existing mills also requires a lot of work and we doubt the engine would complete all tests in a year or so.

But, let’s check what 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel can offer. First of all, that is an increased towing capacity. Currently, a 5.7-liter V8 is good for 10,200 pounds. For example, Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 with diesel units can pull 11,500 lbs. This could be the deciding point. Also, the oil-burner would consume less fuel. Again, we can compare the results of Ford’s, GM’s, and Ram’s trucks. Maintenance is a bit more expensive, but you won’t visit a repair show so often.

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel

2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel TRD Pro

One of the main questions is – how would a diesel engine pair the TRD Pro package? This is one of the main reasons why fans would like to see the oil-burner under the hood of Tundra. The TRD Pro package is an upgrade that will maximize off-road performance. Initially, Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner were the lineups that offered this bundle. Sequoia joined the squad last season.

Highlights of the package will be special features that enhance ride on the toughest terrains. Shocks and suspension will absorb bumps, while the 4×4 drive provides traction and balance. Also, the package lifts the truck to make it move over higher obstacles. An oil burner would provide extra torque to get you out from mud, sand, or water. The 2022 Toyota Tundra Diesel TRD Pro would be one of the toughest trucks in the market, a true competitor to the Ford F-150 Raptor. Still, the new Ram 1500 TRX Hellcat will beat the competition with 702 horsepower coming out of the supercharged V8 unit.

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