2022 Lexus Truck: What We Know So Far?

Toyota is a leading truckmaker. Tacoma and Tundra are the favorites among truckers. But, the company is yet to debut in the luxury segment with 2022 Lexus truck. Big plans for existing models could lead to new projects. The market is huge and there is room for experiments. Lexus is also one of the best-known faces in the luxury car and SUV classes. So, it won’t be a surprise to see the pickup in the foreseeable future, maybe even next year.

Still, there is a lot of questions about the 2022 Lexus truck. Definitely, it will be a premium model. But, this market is not existing. Truckers are looking for utility rather than luxury. Buyers spend a lot for their rides, but upgrades would help them tow, not feel more comfortable. On the other hand, without competition, Lexus truck would have a bigger share of the market.

We are wondering what will be the size of this model. It can be based either on Tacoma or Tundra. Most rumors are saying that 2022 Lexus pickup is going to be a premium version of a mid-size Toyota model. But, who knows, especially now with the new engine coming for the full-size truck.

2022 Lexus Truck

Why Buy 2022 Lexus Truck?

The new, luxury pickup is going to offer more than the standard version. Some of the high-end models in the truck market are Chevy Silverado High Country, Ford F-150 Limited, and GMC Sierra Denali. In the mid-size segment, those are Canyon Denali and off-road oriented, diesel-powered Chevy Colorado. The Lexus truck is going to start its offer high, above $40,000 or $50,000, depending on its size. But, just take a look at SUVs by this company. A lot of excitement is guaranteed.

2022 Lexus Truck Might Be the First Hybrid Pickup

We already mentioned big changes in the Toyota truck lineup. Tundra is going to use a new engine. Instead of a V8, there will be a turbocharged V6. Capabilities and capacities are going to be similar. Well, at least its fans expect that if Toyota wants to stay competitive. On the other hand, speculations are surrounding a smaller Tacoma. A diesel engine would improve the performance. Its rivals are using oil burners as well. It seems like the Japanese company is keener on cleaner sources of power. That is why the hybrid is being mentioned more often.

The 2022 Lexus truck with a hybrid engine would be a perfect match. Well, smaller crossovers and SUVs by Lexus are already using such systems. The RX is a best-seller and experts believe a V6, in a combination with an electric battery, can meet the demands of most truckers. Well, this configuration costs RX a towing capacity (3,500 pounds compared to 5,000 lbs from the standard V6 engine). So, there will be a lot of things to consider before the 2022 Lexus pickup enters dealerships. The company can still bring a 3.5-liter V6 with nearly 300 horsepower and excellent fuel economy. The same unit is under the hood of the existing Tacoma. So, it would be only a rebadged version of Toyota truck with more premium options and accessories.

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