2023 Chevy Trucks: What’s New

Whichever kind of a truck you need, General Motors is there to offer you the best deal. Well, we’ll focus on the 2023 Chevy trucks, while fans of the GMC can check similar versions with the same drivetrains.

So, everything starts with a small Colorado, whose ZR2 is one of the best off-road pickups in the market. Fans of the famous Silverado know probably everything about the iconic vehicle. But, we might see a surprise with the Silverado SS joining the 2023 Chevy trucks lineup. The company is also very competitive in the heavy-duty segment, especially if you pick the Duramax turbodiesel engine. The final piece of the puzzle is a light-duty lineup, with Series 4 and 5 available at dealerships. You need those chassis cab trucks for the toughest jobs.

2023 chevy trucks

Smallest Model in 2023 Chevy Trucks Lineup: Colorado

It is still the smallest pickup in the family. But, the Chevrolet Colorado is a true competitor. It is one of the best-selling models and we don’t see a reason why it won’t continue once the next-gen model arrives next year. Expectations are high, especially from the ZR2 version. With a diesel engine, it is the best hauler in the mid-size pickup segment.

Star of the 2023 Chevy Trucks: Silverado SS

The lineup is already crowded with different types of the legendary half-ton Silverado 1500 models. But, there is always room for more, especially if that vehicle wears the SuperSport badge. Under the hood of the performance truck will be a 6.2 supercharged V8 mill with more than 650 horsepower. You can still pick a lighter version and 420 ponies. Engineers extended the lineup with turbo-four drivetrain, while the diesel might be dropped soon. One thing is sure – Silverado 1500 is the most important 2023 Chevy trucks family member.

2020 Chevy Silverado SS release date

Big Guns: HD and Light-Duty Lineup

Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD models are there for experienced truckers where half-ton pickup can’t meet demands. A new petrol engine is available, but the No1 choice is still the Duramax turbodiesel. Allison transmission is making a difference, although the engine is not so potent as rival’s oil burners. Still, the Silverado 3500 HD with dual-real wheel setup and a few other upgrades is the truck that can tow the most out of the entire competition.

The light-duty commercial 2023 Chevy trucks are Silverado 4500 and 5500. Those nameplates could be changed soon. Series 4 model can become Kodiak, while the Silverado 5500 can be replaced with the TopKick. Both names were in use previously. The main things about light-duty trucks are staying the same – drivetrains, performances, and prices. The cost of those models starts at $50,000 and you can build them up to $60,000.

2021 Chevy Kodiak truck

Compact Truck

Every time any of the big US truckmakers makes a move, the competition is ready to respond. Ford launched the small Maverick. Now, GM and FCA need to do something about it. Chevrolet S10 is coming back, but to South America. It should be a perfect choice for the United States as well. But, it is a game of names, while the essence is – General Motors wants to compete with Ford in the compact pickup segment.

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