All-New 2023 Ford Ranger is Almost Ready

The all-new 2023 Ford Ranger is going to debut in next couple of months. The company already cemented its place as the best truckmaker. This move will fend off the competition. The new Ranger will be on par with the class-leading trucks, Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma. Well, Ford is paying a price for an absence from the US market. General Motors and Toyota used it to establish the dominance. But now, with the Ranger truck being back in North America, it is time for a new order.

The company will be focused on the fresh look. That will draw the attention. Under the hood, there won’t be major changes. The base version is still getting power from a turbo-four engine, which is potent enough to get on the line with larger V6 units. According to rumors, Ford is working on the drivetrain upgrades and a six-cylinder unit. But, those are only speculations and there are several others – diesel truck, 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor, or even hybrid system.

2023 Ford Ranger


After the redesign, the price of the 2023 Ford Ranger will go up for sure. But, the US truckmaker can’t increase it too much, since the base version starts at $26,000 for the current generation. The upcoming Ranger could gain somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500. If the Raptor version shows up, experts are sure that the 4×4 beast is going to cost nearly $50,000. Well, that is the price of the F-150 Raptor. Nevertheless, only true off-road enthusiasts and Raptor lovers will go after this one. On the other hand, all other versions will stay under $40,000. The XLT is probably the best valued package with several individual upgrades.

When Will 2023 Ford Ranger Be Available?

The release date of the new 2023 Ford Ranger is not confirmed yet. In the matter of fact, we are still waiting for the official announcement of the redesign. Well, the truckmaker brought the Ranger back to the US market the same it was in the rest of the world. For the largest pickup market in the world, something special is what fans and buyers expect. Ford will have to deliver it in 2023.

2023 Ford Ranger

2023 Ford Ranger Changes

For now, we can only speculate about updates on the new Ranger. The truck will introduce fresh styling solutions, but that is not the most important segment. Truckers are looking for the capability. Towing capacity is competitive with 7,500 pounds. Some sources are claiming the 2023 Ranger with manual transmission could be a big deal. This is something new and unexpected.

Furthermore, the Sync infotainment system needs an update. And, that is not a regular revisit, but the big upgrade of the existing system to Sync4. The vehicle is about to become way smarter. Finally, we can’t exclude rumors about the Raptor version, as well as hybrid truck and a V6. The 2023 Ford Ranger really needs options under the hood, although a turbo-four is competitive against V6 engines.

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