2023 Ram Trucks Lineup Changes and Expectations

FCA is a leading truckmaker in the US. This company fulfilled its potential in the past couple of years, standing next to Ford and GM when it comes to sales. It is even a step ahead of the competition in some areas. The performance-oriented TRX showed that.

Let’s make a quick walk through the lineup and changes we expect next season.

2023 Ram Trucks

Best-Selling 2023 Ram Trucks – Ram 1500

Only one detail will show how serious the 2023 Ram trucks lineup is going to be – the Ram 1500 pickup sells better than Chevy Silverado 1500! This is not coming by chance. The company worked hard and it pays off. Versatile lineup is going to offer several trim levels and configurations, but more important – petrol and diesel engines. For now, a hybrid setup is not an option. Also, the Ram 1500 could soon get an all-electric version. The competition is a step ahead here, with concepts ready for production.

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Can’t Get More Powerful Truck than Ram TRX

With 702 hp, the 2023 Ram TRX is not the most powerful pickup in the lineup, but in the entire market. The Hellcat engine is finally here to make a statement. It seems like Ford didn’t see this coming and its Raptor truck is not under the spotlight anymore. However, expect the quick response from the Blue Oval truckmaker.

2023 Ram Trucks trx

Most Capable 2023 Ram Trucks – HD Lineup

Properly configured, the 2023 Ram 3500 HD can have a towing capacity of 35,000 pounds. A diesel engine and a dual-rear wheel setup are required. The torque goes above 1,000 lbs, so there is no wonder why this hauler is so capable. But, engineers are considering improvements, especially in the transmission area. According to multiple sources, bosses are not happy with AISIN system, while Allison did some great things to Chevy and GMC heavy-duty trucks. Some say the 2023 Ram trucks could replace old gearboxes.

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Unique Off-Road Package – Ram Power Wagon

There is a special model in the 2023 Ram trucks HD lineup – Power Wagon. It is available only for Ram 2500. The vehicle doesn’t improve performance, compared to other packages. But, unique off-road features will make it perfect for adventures in the wilderness. Of course, you can still haul plenty of cargo, since the Power Wagon offers both petrol and diesel engines. The price of this model stays around $60,000 for the standard edition.

2023 Ram Trucks power wagon

New Model – 2023 Ram Dakota

The 2023 Ram Dakota is probably the most anticipated vehicle in the lineup. Fans want to see 2023 Ram trucks offering a mid-size model. Well, the company recently entered this segment, but with the Jeep Gladiator. That didn’t make enthusiasts happy. Another option for the 2023 Dakota is to become a compact truck, rival to Ford Maverick. Frankly speaking, this is not going to fix the image.

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2023 Ram Trucks – Series 4 and 5

There are a few missing parts in the 2023 Ram trucks lineup, that is obvious. Nevertheless, it seems like the company focuses on other segments, rather than chassis cab trucks. We are probably not seeing Ram 4500 and Ram 5500 in 2023. But, in future, those models should be out, competing Chevy and Ford models.

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