2024 Ford Ranger V6 Release Date

Ranger is struggling to fulfill the expectations. So, a radical move should help. Well, the 2024 Ford Ranger V6 is not something unexpected, since fans talk about it ever since the pickup came back to the US market. Well, the current configuration is far away from bad and we ask what a six-pot engine can offer better than the turbo-four. It cracks 310 hp and tows 7,500 pounds. Although this is the best output among petrol-fueled mid-size trucks, it is not enough to make the Ranger competitive with the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado.

So, the question is – which V6 engine should be added for the Ranger? It can be an alternative to the turbo-four unit. But, it will be heavier and thirstier. Plus, Ford is downsizing displacements and turbocharge most configurations nowadays. With turbo support, the 2024 Ford Ranger V6 would crack a lot of power. It will lead to the performance-oriented version, probably Raptor. Well, rumors about a six-cylinder engine and the off-road version came at the same time. The Ranger Raptor is available outside the US, but with a diesel engine.

2024 Ford Ranger V6

2024 Ford Ranger V6 Options

First, let’s check what the Ranger is offering and then which V6 engines are used around the lineup. A 2.3-liter turbo-four is one of the best configurations the company is offering and it is available for flagship vehicles – Mustang and Bronco. Thanks to turbochargers, the engine can deliver 310 hp and the truck tows 7,500 pounds. It is one of the reasons why the company is not pushing harder for another drivetrain. But, the sales are not at the expected level and the Blue Oval company will do everything to become competitive.

The 2024 Ford Ranger V6 can borrow a setup from one of the SUVs. For example, Explorer is one of the vehicles that offer multiple choices. A 3.0-liter turbo-six is too powerful with 400 hp. This can be a setup for the Raptor edition. Just as the comparison – F-150 Raptor creates 450 horsepower with a high-output 3.5-liter mill. A 2.7-liter V6 is the small and fuel-friendly engine, but experts don’t think it can help the Ranger. In this case, you can get 250 hp and 280 lb-ft, and there will be neither towing capacity, nor fuel-efficiency improvements. The conclusion is obvious – the 2024 Ranger V6 won’t be a 2.7-liter displacement.

2024 Ford Ranger V6 hybrid

2024 Ford Ranger V6 Hybrid

This one seems the most reasonable, although unexpected. Again, we are coming back to the Explorer SUV that combines a 3.3-liter engine with a hybrid setup. This setup can produce 320 hp and 322 lb-ft, but the main upgrade comes for the gas mileage. But again, the towing capacity won’t get over 7,500 lbs. It is less likely that 2024 Ford Ranger V6 is borrowing a plug-in hybrid from the Lincoln Aviator. Nearly 500 horsepower is not for the mid-size truck. The company doesn’t push the F-150 half-ton truck so far.

Release Date and Price

The company is still keeping info about the V6 engine as a secret. But, Ford will have to launch it as soon as possible to stay competitive in the class. However, a larger engine will make the price go up. Even the MSRP of the existing four-cylinder engine won’t stay put for the 2024 YM. So, the V6 is quite a risk.

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