2025 Ram TRX Could Be More Powerful

When the Ram 1500 appeared with the Hellcat engine, it was a slap in Ford’s face. FCA finally delivered a Raptor-killing truck. But it didn’t finish the job since the Blue Oval responded rapidly and brought the Raptor R. The first thing when you think about these vehicles is high output. Both trucks will blow more than 700 horsepower. The upcoming 2025 Ram TRX might use a different configuration for the current one to deliver extra juice. It is just a rumor, but the new setup might be the “Demon” with nearly 800 hp.

Even without this upgrade, the 2025 Ram TRX remains the most powerful truck in the market. Ford Raptor R creates 700 hp, 2 ponies less than the Hellcat engine. Both units have more potential and companies didn’t go all-in right from the start. Not everything is about the power when it comes to the TRX. The truck also brings numerous upgrades to make the ride more comfortable. Handling so much power is not easy. Plus, the high-performance pickup also offers unique appearance features and design details.

2025 Ram TRX

2025 Ram TRX Specs

The Hellcat engine is a 6.2-liter supercharged unit tuned to deliver 702 horsepower on the pickup truck. Previously, we know it from Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV, where it creates 707 hp. Interesting, around the same time, the company added this plant to the Dodge Durango SUV lineup. There, it bursts 710 ponies. Well, the configuration made all the fans happy, but mocking Ford didn’t last for too long.

The Hellcat engine also produces 650 lb-ft of torque through an 8-speed gearbox. It sends power to all wheels. The 0-60 mph acceleration time is 3.7 seconds. The TRX is also getting special upgrades to keep the performance at the high level. Those are upgraded cooling, special exhaust system, lifted suspension, performance brakes, and electronically locking rear differential.

2025 Ram TRX vs Ford Raptor R

The Ram TRX was designed to destroy the Raptor. But, the company stepped up into the new segment. The base Ford Raptor truck is producing 450 hp and offers exceptional off-road skills. But, the Ram 1500 TRX added more than 250 ponies and it started the new game. Ford responded with an upscale Raptor R. A 6.2-liter supercharged mill is also under its hood. Although many enthusiasts expected it around 750 horsepower, engineers decided to go with 700 flat. It leaves more space for improvements and the race with the 2025 Ram TRX, especially if FCA enhances its truck.

2025 Ram TRX vs ford raptor r

New Performance Trucks to Hit the Market Soon

The entire truck world is still wondering why General Motors is not responding. Chevrolet Silverado is the biggest Ford’s archrival. But in this segment, that is the Ram TRX. And it seems GM is not going to build a performance truck. They recently added the ZR2 to the Silverado lineup, as a true off-road package. Sierra offers AT4, or if you want to go high-end with luxury options, the Denali Ultimate.

Like Ford, General Motors has the potential to respond when it comes to power and engines. For now, they stay put. We are surprised, especially after the release of the Cadillac Escalade V-Series model with 680 hp under the hood. A truck with those outputs would be a rival to the 2025 Ram TRX and Raptor R.

2025 Ram TRX Redeye / Demon

Hellcat is the name for the engine configuration. It delivers between 702 and 710 horsepower, depending on the vehicle using it. Charger and Challenger muscle cars are famous for this system. There, the new tuning provides 717 horsepower. But that is not all. The Redeye version squeezes even more – 807 ponies. Previously, Demon packages were the most potent editions with 797 hp. Now, with pony cars offering this configuration, we might see the 2025 Ram TRX with 800+ hp.

It will be interesting to see Ford’s response this time. Hennessey Performance aftermarket upgrade showed the way with the regular Raptor that creates 560 hp. The same company took the TRX and made it burst 1,012 ponies. So, Ford and other companies have a lot of catching up to do.

2025 Ram TRX interior

2025 Ram TRX Price

More power will increase the price of the 2025 Ram TRX. If the truck gets even more powerful configuration, it will cost around $10,000 more than the standard Hellcat engine. Currently, the TRX is priced at $86,000. Even with the enhancement and MSRP increase, the truck will cost less than the Raptor R. Ford slapped a $109,000 price tag on its vehicle. Not too many truckers will splash so much money for showing off. But, the regular Raptor, with aftermarket upgrades will cost similar.

The new Ram TRX will show up in 12 months. Then we will know if the truck is getting extra power and a precise price of the high-performance system. The game is on and FCA is about to make the next move.

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