2025 Toyota Stout is Your New Compact Pickup Truck

Rumors about the comeback are louder and insiders are now giving signals that the 2025 Toyota Stout might be back. But, nothing is confirmed, yet. It leaves a lot of room for speculation. Fans and enthusiasts are thinking about the new pickup and its position in the lineup. It is not hard to predict that one of the two growing segments is in the mix.

First, the compact pickup market is new. Ford and Hyundai are exploring it. In the beginning, most experts had doubts about these small trucks. Now, companies are planning how to join the bandwagon. But, the 2025 Toyota Stout is not there yet. Another popular opinion is – the electric truck. The Japanese company announced that Tacoma goes all-electric. But, it will be a completely different truck from the current version. So, a different name could be used.

2025 Toyota Stout teaser

The Comeback

Not too many truckers remember the name, but the Stout was a player back in the days. it was a revolutionary move by the Japanese carmaker, and it will be again. Back in 1960s, big vehicles were popular and Toyota was an outsider in the US market. The compact pickup arrived and had a successful stint. It opened the door for the Japanese truckmaker to build more vehicles. One of the successors of the Stout is Hilux, one of the most popular trucks in the world. We won’t cause too much noise if we say the most durable.

Having in mind its first appearance, both the abovementioned options are pretty cool. The Stout can take its old position as a compact vehicle. Or, Toyota can go with a revolutionary approach and make Stout its first electric truck.

One thing makes enthusiasts so close to the rumors – the nameplate is registered and the company plans something to do with the Stout. Plus, chiefs from different branches of the manufacturer confirmed that there is an interest in building both small and electric trucks. This information could mean a lot or nothing since officials are not mentioning Stout yet.

2025 Toyota Stout as a Compact Pickup

Tacoma is the best-selling mid-size truck. So, Toyota knows how to build those vehicles. The compact segment is something new, though. Ford was the first to risk and swim into the unknown. It turned out the Maverick has a kick start. Hyundai added Santa Cruz, while Ram and GM are still preparing their pickups. Now Toyota as well.

Many experts see the 2025 Toyota Stout as a compact truck, with slightly more chances than the EV. It is perfect timing for such a vehicle and the nameplate should be registered by the release date time.

2025 Toyota Stout price

2025 Toyota Stout as an Electric Truck

Looking at the long-term future, an electric vehicle has more sense. It seems like Toyota is not among the leaders in this world. They have the best hybrid systems and great PHEV setups. But, there are no all-electric models that can compete with Tesla and other carmakers. In a matter of fact – this is one of the rare speculations about the EV coming from Toyota.

The bZ4X is the new model, but it doesn’t draw too much attention. The Tacoma EV truck concept debuted, but it will take some while before this one enters production. In the meantime, American truckmakers are already bragging with their electric-powered trucks.

Best Engines

As a compact pickup, the 2025 Toyota Stout will be based on the Rav4 crossover. With such architecture, it would be perfect to use the same engines. The base plant, a 2.5-liter unit, can provide enough power, and towing capacity and keep the gas mileage at a good level. Ford Maverick produces 250 hp but with a turbocharged engine. Toyota can do it as well, with a new 2.4-liter turbo system.

But, numbers the Stout needs to beat are from the Maverick hybrid. In this variant, the pickup delivers 190 hp, but a massive 42/33 mpg. Well, a 2.5-liter petrol engine for the Rav4 does 40 mpg combined in a hybrid system. Plus, you can upgrade it further and get a mighty PHEV with 300 hp and 38 mpg combined.

2025 Toyota Stout concept

2025 Toyota Stout Release Date

The Japanese truckmaker definitely plans to add the Stout to its lineup. In 2024, we will know more about it. The most important is – what it will be, and after that, what kind of an engine it is using, performance, specs, gas mileage, grades, and everything else. The price has to be competitive. Mid-size truck are now closer to $30k than $20k.

A small pickup truck is still a small market, but it grows fast. Toyota wants to use the moment and jump into the game before other truckmakers. It is late to see the Stout as the 2024 YM, which means the following season is set for the pickup’s debut. The first concepts can appear by the end of this year, and fans are already making renders.

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