Can a Honda Ridgeline be lifted, and is it a good idea?

A lifted Honda Ridgeline truck sounds interesting. But, what’s it worth? The pickup is one of the rare models with the unibody platform. The strong side is the on-road performance with the sporty ride and improved safety thanks to its architecture. Lifting a truck is the way to boost off-road skills. Unfortunately, the Ridgeline is not so famous here.

Nevertheless, it is possible to increase the ride height on the pickup. The lifted Honda Ridgeline is possible with aftermarket upgrades. Well, there are a lot of pros and cons about this move, but all truckers who mod their rides know about them. You can gain 1.5-inch by purchasing JSport Lift Kit. Or, you can use spacers to get the pickup lifted.

Before you do that, let’s go through more pros and cons.


What does the lifted Honda Ridgeline brings to the table? First of all, there is more room under the body. Extra ground clearance makes the truck a better vehicle for an off-road drive. Thanks to the lift kit, you will also have better approach and departure angles. It is not all about performance, though. The Ridgeline can look more muscular with larger tires, which are not possible to install without lifting the body. On the road, higher stand provides a better visibility. Besides a 1.5-inch lift kit we already mentioned, you can also get a 2’’ or 3’’ lift kit. The best thing about them – they are pretty affordable.

Why Not?

Ridgeline is a unibody truck, while the rest of the models available in the US are using a ladder frame. That makes them more rigid and durable, which is important for work and off-road drive. Honda is not pushing through and it seems the Japanese company is happy as the things stand at the moment. So, lifting a unibody truck doesn’t make too much sense. You can buy another pickup that already has some off-road package available with optional factory upgrades.

Kits for the lifted Honda Ridgeline are the aftermarket mods. So, with the lack of popularity, there is a lack of options to get this equipment. Also, you must pay attention to the tire size and fenders. Suspension setup is totally different, so the ride might not be as comfortable as it is with the standard ground clearance. Lifting the pickup increases the fuel consumption. Still, Ridgeline is one of the better choices when it comes to the mileage. The new gear makes the cabin noisier. Not all drivers will like it. And finally, the lifted Honda Ridgeline is not going to be at the same level with Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro or GMC Canyon AT4X.

lifted honda ridgeline kit


Kit for the lifted Honda Ridgeline doesn’t cost too much. So, it might be worth of shot. If you don’t like it, just uninstall it. Still, there are no too many mechanics that are willing to do it, and they will charge you a lot. But, once done, the new truck will look more aggressive and give you many new options, especially when it comes to the wheels and tires selection.

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