Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept – The Luxurious BX Concept

Although it is not announced officially, experts are pretty sure that upcoming seasons will bring tough battle in the luxurious truck segment. The latest rumors about Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept prove it. The pickup segment is growing rapidly. Advantages of these vehicles are numerous, and it is not strange why more companies decide to step into the new market.

However, could luxurious trucks be interesting and as successful as base models? The same question we can ask for other classes and the answer is the same. Luxurious sedans, crossovers, and now trucks, won’t be for everyone. Packed with the latest features, these vehicles are not classic working trucks, but also cars for show off. With strong support from Nissan, Infiniti could make Titan or Frontier in high-luxury version.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept Rumors and Reality

We can read stories about Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept, and it seems to be pretty legit. But, the company is still silent on all information. Without an official statement, it is hard to provide correct facts and find out the truth. However, leaked BX Concept photos are somehow unfinished, and it seems like the idea is there. On the other hand, it’s a long way from concept to production model.

A Help from Nissan

Infiniti is Nissan’s luxurious branch. The Japanese company is one of the leaders in the truck market. So, Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept could have a strong foundation if it starts from platforms used by Frontier or Titan. However, being a luxurious vehicle means innovations, excitement with new things, and high performance. As a base, Nissan could help, but fans will expect a lot more from Infiniti BX Concept.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept rear

Infiniti Pickup Truck BX Concept Specs Rumors

According to rumors, Infiniti Pickup Truck is based on a BX Concept. Renderings of this vehicle show similar design to Nissan’s pickups. However, the information says we can expect a V-6 engine under its hood. That means it will be capable to deliver more power than Frontier, that comes with 4-cylinder mill. On the other hand, new Titan will carry a huge diesel unit. Also, a petrol V-8 is in consideration. So, Infiniti Truck could take a position between these two. The QX60 crossover could borrow its 3.5-l V-6 drivetrain that develops 300 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept side

Pickup Hybrid

The BX Concept of Infiniti Pickup Truck could come out as plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicle. Don’t be surprised if engineers decide to make this luxurious model even more interesting by pairing batteries with a conventional engine. Entire car industry goes greener, so this is not impossible to happen.

Fewer emissions, better fuel economy, and more power are advantages of the hybrid. On the other hand, development is very expensive. And having in mind that Infiniti is not producing cheap vehicles, we could expect very high prices for the plug-in. Furthermore, not too many buyers will be able to purchase the pickup.

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